Lebanon police detains nuns over orphanage child abuse scandal

This might actually be about trafficking infants, I am still reading up:


Police raid the Couvent Mission De Vie after a months-long investigation found the Lebanon centre complicit in child trafficking and child abuse, local media reported on Saturday.

At least two infants are missing from an orphanage run by nuns in Lebanon, after authorities carried out an overnight raid of the Couvent Mission De Vie following reports of child trafficking and child abuse, local media reported.

A court had ordered the centre to hand over children in its care, following months-long investigation that revealed child trafficking and child abuse, but the nuns had refused to release the children.

So, I mean no offense in posting this. I believe we may have some “Lebanese” Christians in-forum. Not a good situation.

No, this does not sound good. I will wait until further details come out.

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