Lebanon:Syrian rebels release nuns held since December


MASNA, Lebanon — Syrian rebels released a group of about a dozen Greek Orthodox nuns who had been held since December, Lebanon’s official news agency reported Monday.

The release of the nuns and their helpers, 16 women in all, is a rare successful prisoner exchange deal between Syrian government authorities and the rebels seeking to overthrow the rule of President Bashar Assad.


The nuns are free.


Praise the Lord.


Perhaps the so-called “rebels” started to realize that beheading people just for being Christian isn’t a good way to convince people that they are the good guys.
I still consider them to be terrorists, and I wouldn’t want them to take over Syria.


:hug3:Yeaaa livingworthunity. Is nice to encounter someone else who shares my understanding. I have been feeling pretty alone with it.

I am praying for the people of Syria. I found a nice website that gives almost day to day details of the on the ground situation. Well, we have to keep praying with the Church and the Bishops of the Middle East for peace for the people of Syria.

There are so many bad things happening in the world now. It’s a difficult time. A priest said: It’s a great time to be a priest! What encouraging words. :slight_smile: Even the priesthood is under attack. I think it has to do in part with what Pope Leo XIII heard at the altar.

I think Obama should do us all a favor and be a gentleman and return the Nobel Peace Prize he received as a political token.


Thanks be to God.


Thank God the nuns are free, they were released from the Nusra-held city of Yabrud because the Syrian Army is going to capture it in a couple of days. There are a few unfortunate things about this however:

  1. Qatar used these nuns as a ruse to pay the rebels a “ransom”(in reality payment) of $4 million.

  2. The nuns, whether coerced or not, have been a huge propaganda boost for Al Qaeda since they were filmed saying Al Qaeda treated them well and were the nicest of people.

  3. Many terrorists were let out of prison in exchange for the nuns.

But regardless of all that, thank God they are ok


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