Lectio Divina required for priests/deacons?


Just curious… I know many people pray the Lectio Divina, and I am looking into how this is done, but are priests and/or deacons required to pray this or is it just something they may choose to do?

I’m discerning the call to the permanant diaconate, and I have been praying the Liturgy of the Hours now for a few years and am comfortable with it, but was looking to deepen my prayer life with God and stumbled upon the Lectio Divina.

Thanks and God Bless all!!



Lectio Divina is a form of comtemplative prayer & bible reading that may be done by anyone. The Magnificat sometimes gives a monthly synopsis on the subject. Also, there is a Lectio Divina Bible edition. It may be purchased at any Catholic book store. But here is a link.



Not required but up to personal choice. Lectio requires some significant quiet time to do properly so it is not always possible. But when the choice is possible, choose “yes”.


By the way, I highly reccomend the book my spiritual director suggested:



Thanks all, I appreciate it.

Deacon Jeff, I saw that book yesterday too recommended by a number of different people/sites and I ordered it so it should be arriving soon. I look forward to learning more about how to do this as it sounds immensely rewarding.


It’s not required, but it is a great thing for some people. Prayer is not the same for everyone. The only thing required is the Liturgy of the Hours, which is prayed for the whole Church.


Deacon Jeff, I have been reading the book you listed. I have not gotten to the meat of the book yet, but just curious… when you say significant quiet time to do it properly, how much time are you talking about? 1 hour? 2 + hours?



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