Lectio reflection


**Dear Brothers and Sisters in the SACRED HEART!

Today I began my Lectio. At this stage, I don't care how much progress I make a day as I read the New Testament. As long as I read Sacred Scripture everyday and ruminate on what hits me, then I have fed my soul. Today I began with the best place to begin: The Gospel of St.Matthew!!

Here is my little reflection on what stuck to me:

I arrived at the doubt of St. Joseph. What struck me was that St. Joseph being a just man, wanted to put Our Lady away privately and without reproach. Here I saw an example. St. Joseph, unlike the Pharisees is just. St. Joseph observed the law just as the pharisees did (When scripture makes a distinction and calls you Just, I think we can take that quite well) HOWEVER He acted out of charity.

Imagine the thoughts and worries running through St. Joseph's mind. Our Lady was visibly Pregnant. St. Joseph had no idea who the Father was (Until the Angel told Him). Imagine Your husband or wife cheating on you in such a way which is assumably what St. Joseph probably thought at the time. I hope Our Lady will forgive me for saying such a thing. However, St. Joseph through His unenlightened viewpoint, wanted to act with charity. He wanted no one to find out (to avoid gossip). What is the first thing we would probably do in this situation? Call every single friend on our contact list and proclaim "So and so cheated on me!" in most cases, including myself. There are few of us who could suffer through that like St. Joseph did, in total silence and without telling the world.

This is charity. Observing the commandments of Our LORD, but not interpreting them in a strictly legalistic and prideful manner as did the pharisees, but by being charitable at the same time as St. Joseph was. St. Joseph would not have diobeyed the law had it reached that point (which thankfully it didn't), but He did not want to besmirch Our Lady at the same time. This is Justice. Justice is not justice without being tempered by mercy. Do we go throughout the day realising that the person we so delightfully chewed out at work or in school, is just another brother and sister, another equal child of GOD who by virtue of being created in HIS image and Likeness deserves our full respect? Now of course Our Lady was no sinner, I was carrying the meaning over to include us.

We need to pray to St. Joseph so that we may be able to faithfully imitate his selfless charity. He never spoke a word, yet even the Gospels commend His holiness. **


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