Lectionary based scripture vs personal


**Dear Brothers and Sisters in the SACRED HEART!

I decided to go back to my old way of meditating on the New Testament. By reading verse by verse, eventually cover to cover and ruminating on it. I have started at the Gospel of St. Matthew and I have only made it 20 or so verses into the new chapter. I enjoy this form of meditation much more. It is at my own pace and I can ask what the Holy Spirit wants to say to me personally. Before, I tried following the Ordo of the Liturgical year to do my readings however my one problem:

For someone who is going at it their first time purely for the sake of meditation, I found that the lectionary readings were too much. Two readings and a portion of a psalm on weekdays is too much scripture for me to take in at one time. I like verse by verse, stopping when I feel prompted and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to me.

Does or did anyone else on the forums have this same problem? if so, how was it fixed? a further exposure to Scripture?

(I've been posting on this sub forum rather frequently in the past week, but I am really beginning to foster a deeper devotion to Sacred Scripture)**


As for me its been a matter of trying different things over time. I personally dont enjoy following a structured format, but I like doing my own thing. I guess that's the ADD in me! Everybody's different and one size does not fit all.


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