Year A-Matthew
Year B-Mark
Year C-Luke

What about John?


John is read during the Easter Season and also at other times during the year in all cycles.



Since the Gospel of Mark is so short, in Year B there are a fair number of readings from John during Sundays of Ordinary Time.


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What about John?




John sneaks up from time to time. In Year A, which is Matthew's year, on the Third,
Fourth, and Fifth Sundays of Lent we are reading part of John's gospel. The Easter season includes a lot of John's writings/gospels, and in Year B we have the Bread of Life discourse from John's gospel read during a few Sundays in Ordinary Time (the exact Sundays of Ordinary Time escape me right now).


The Gospel proclamation is from Saint John on the most important days of the year: Easter Sunday, Christmas Mass during the Day, Good Friday, Holy Thursday, Pentecost, Holy Trinity, Christ the King, and more.

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