Led zeppelin!!!

I love Led Zeppelin!!!:smiley:

I also love, ironically, CLASSICAL and TRADITIONAL Catholic music (NOT MODERN CHRISTIAN!!!)

Is it a sin to listen to LED ZEPPELIN or any other classical rock legends?

I absolutely will NOT combine my favorite genres above and listen to Christian rock!!!:mad:

It’s almost like sometimes when you crave something spicy (Zeppelin) or others when you crave something sweet (Classical music) but you never crave both at the same time. When you combine sweet and spicy, it just doesn’t taste right.

But anyway, is ZEPPELIN a sin?

Why in the world would it be a sin?

Sam, the Neon Orange Knight

I haven’t listened to a lot of Zeppelin, so I’ll just make a blanket statement: If they sing about evil things, then you shouldn’t listen to them. I personally would have a hard time listening to songs that glorify sex, drugs, abuse, violence, etc.

You hear so many things about rock and rock musicians that confusion sets in and you no longer know what to believe. I’m sure Led Zeppelin is not in God’s top ten for music genre and fermat’s points are true, but if you ignore the message and just enjoy the sheer musical genius of that band and Robert Plant’s amazing voice, does that offend God? I haven’t got the foggiest idea. For your own sake and out of respect for Jesus skip In My Time of Dying (personal opinion).

A sin? Don’t see how. I love Led Zeppelin’s music! Dancing days are here again!!!

If you feel like banging your head against the wall and reding a really protracted previous thread on the subject, feel free to look here:


Really? I can understand avoiding tyhe Christian rock that is overtly cheesy and/or not well done, but if it’s well done, why not listen to it?

I guess that’s where our tastes differ. My favorite bands frequently combine classical and heavy metal. :o

I would be inclined to say “no”. If listening to them does not give you the temptation to sin, if you enjoy it just for the music and the sound, I see no problem with it.

In fact, I, myself, am a huge, and I mean HUGE AC/DC fan. Love their music, own all of their albums, saw them in concert (so awesome), got some posters, even my guitar picks have their logo on them.

That being said, I know that their lyrics speak of things that are fairly sinful. But, I don’t intend to go out and have a riotous time when I listen to them. I usually listen to their music to motivate me when I work out (It’s great workout music), to motivate me to do a lot of things, or to accompany the video games I’m playing. I also love the music they produce, I am a big fan of the blues and the pentatonic scale as a whole, very powerful, fun music.

I don’t feel there is anything wrong with listening to Led Zeppelin.

There is much worst music out there like Gangsta rap which i hate personally.

As to the lives of rock musicians,many of the composers of classical had troubles from what i read,Beethoven was alcoholic. So we shouldn’t put down a entire music genre because of the lifestyles of the musicians.

I agree. :thumbsup:

Dear ajpirc,

Cordial greetings.

Led Zeppelin belongs to that debased sensory material, rock music, and owing to its most unwholesome nature it ought to be given a wide-berth by the faithful. Their compositions undeniably contain some rather obscene sexual connotations, which no ammount of psuedo-intellectual drivel about ‘listener oriented theories’ can rationalize. Thus, for example, their filthy song, Trampled under Foot, makes a reference to a girl’s ‘transmission’ flowing like hot oil, while the singer says that he would like to ‘pump some gas’ and in Whole Lotta Love they sing, ‘I’m gonna give you every inch of my love’, both of which lyrics are unmistakably vulgar and offensive, save to those who are desperate to defend rock music come what may. So much so that I am extremely loath to even adduce them as evidence of this groups moral depravity. In the light of this it is hardly surprising that Jimmy Page declared that “Rock ‘n’ roll is sexually - you music”. Surely these are very murky waters indeed for those who profess religion and claim that they are pursuing holiness in the fear of God!

As if the filth connection was not bad enough, Led Zeppelin reveal what can only be described as occultic influence. For example, on the inside cover of their album House of the Holy is a picture of a naked man holding up a child in sacrifice to a mysterious light on the top of a derelict building. The cover of Presence shows a strange object which guitarist Jimmy Page says symbolizes the force that enables the group to have such power over their audiences, a power known only as the ‘presence’. The vast majority of God-fearing Catholics quite rightly feel very uneasy with this sort of thing and find it jolly disturbing stuff. Those who have no problem with this flith have simply become desensitized by frequent exposure to its moral depravity.

Everyone knows in their heart of hearts, even if they are in denial, that rock music has from the time that it was foisted upon us, always been about disorder, aggression and sexual promiscuity - a fantasy of human nature, running wild to a savage beat and releasing the beast within man. The music itself is debased and disturbing, aside from any lyrics and the emotions that are evoked by such music can hardly be deemed virtuous and conducive to a life of sanctity and separation from the world - we are bidden to keep ourselves “unstained from the world” (Jam. 1: 27) and to think upon “whatever is pure” (Philipp. 4: 8). How will listening to Led Zepellin, or rock music generally, assist us in that endeavour, my dear friend?

We should be under no illusions, sacred and classical music touches the soul delightfully and elevates it nobly, whereas debased and unsavoury rock music corrupts the soul as profoundly as error corrupts the mind.

My counsel, dear friend, is that you cease forthwith from listening to this unwholesome and evil music, that is if you place any value upon your immortal soul. It is detrimental to your moral health because rock music emanates from an Augean stable of unimaginable filth and depravity and cannot possibly have any place in the lives of those who are serious respecting the pursuit of holiness.

Warmest good wishes,



Another excellent post my dear friend! :thumbsup:

Ignorance is bliss.


Surprising no one is saying classical music is evil,much of the music of classical has some of the same stuff as well.

This is the translation for The Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner.


We can’t say any music genre is bad,there is good and bad in every genre. Like there are some metal songs that are about war and such,but not all metal songs are like that.

Oh, we’ve been down that road before. You should see some of the older threads. The lengthy Don’t Support Devilish Music (Rock Music)!!! thread inspired the spin-off Don’t Support Devilish Music (Opera/Classical)!!!, but that one didn’t gain as much traction.:stuck_out_tongue:

For what it’s worth, I agree with you.

Dear Fluffyfox,

Cordial greetings.

The hackneyed argument that music is essentially neutral and is only coloured by the lyrics, simply does not bear scrutiny. Even were you to dispense with the offensive lyrics of some rock compositions, that would not somehow ‘redeem’ the music because rock music per se is communication without words, irrespective of what words are inserted into the music; the music is its own message.

Some art forms have been created to express certain philosophies and are so wedded to those philosophies that they convey a distinctive sort of outlook. Unfortunately, since the time that it was unleashed upon the world, mainstream rock/pop music epitomized youthful rebellion, uncouth and course conduct (e.g. those filthy lyrics cited above from the Led Zeppelin group), drug abuse, so called ‘alternative lifestyles’ and the occultic subcultures.

No matter how some may wish it to be so, rock and pop music cannot be aquitted of or emancipated from its negative and depraved imputations. It peddles immorality and is a corrupter of youth and as such is rightly denounced in the strongest terms by devout Christians across the denominational divides. Incidently, if any man would challenge the undeniable filth connection between rock music and sexual permissiveness, then I would urge him to read, mark and inwardly digest Robert Pattison’s highly provocative volume, The Vulgarity of Rock: **Rock in the Mirror of Romanticism..

Since rock music’s primary target group was and is the the young generation, the rock performers have siezed on and shamefully exploited the natural rebelliousness of youth with huge success. Indeed, the entire rock media spares no effort in pandering to juvenile emotions, as everyone knows fully well. No other single influence has done as much to shape the standards (or lack of them) and moral conduct of youth as rock and pop music. Moreover, rock has consistently attacked parents, society, traditions which it misguidedly deems ‘square’ and even religion and God Himself. In fact it savagely and wickedly inveighs against almost anything that it regards as an impediement to its notoriously hendonsitic and feckless mindset. This could never be said of classical or sacred music, whatever defects it may have; there is simply no parallel. On the contrary, classical and sacred music has always ennobled the soul and excited that which is virtuous within us and this is in full accord with the Christian philosophy of life (cf. Philip. 4: 8). Indeed, being the harmonious music that it is, it naturally tends to cultivate a harmonious and well-adjusted soul.

Therefore we can dogmatically assert that the entire rock and pop music genre is is a polluted stream because it makes its appeal to those “elemental passions” or baser instincts within fallen man. That being the case it is necessarily a debased art form which is bound at length, if not immediately, to poison the mind and demoralize the life by repeated exposure. As St. Paul remarks, "Do not be decieved: “Bad company (and by logical extension, bad music) ruins good morals” (I Cor. 15: 33, added paranthesis mine). “In the company of the inoccent, you will be innocent; in the company of the elect, you will be elect; and in a crooked man’s company you will go wrong” (Ps. 18: 26,27).

Warmest good wishes,




In the last few days on another thread on a similar topic you used misleading information, a certain ammount of which you basically added to a 30 year old article yourself. You referenced an evangelist who denounced rock music. You claimed he was a former record producer, you were shown that was false and that he had since come round to regarding Christian rock and heavy metal with some sympathy.

As to listener oriented theories you basically indulged in this yourself in that thread. You got called out on backmasking and couldn’t provide support so started backpedalling towards a view that other insiduous (but conveniently unnamed) methods were been used to poison minds. Or they might be, you never know etc. was more the actual tone you took.

As was pointed out by fluffyfox much of opera couldn’t be listened to under these constraints, nor a great deal of classical music in general.

By the way if you are going to reference the naughty, naughty lyrics of Led Zep you should bear in mind some of their more sexual songs are reworkings of much older songs. The Lemon Song notably borrows from both Robert Johnson and Albert King for example. Also then again they did use to call blues the Devil’s music… (tongue planted firmly in check at this point)

Here’s ‘Travelling Riverside Blues’ which forms part of the influence for ‘The Lemon Song.’ You can just feel that diabolic influence rolling of it can’t you?


listening to this unwholesome and evil music, that is if you place any value upon your immortal soul. It is detrimental to your moral health because rock music emanates from an Augean stable of unimaginable filth and depravity and cannot possibly have any place in the lives of those who are serious respecting the pursuit of holiness.

It’s them thar Augean stables again, hasn’t Heracles finished with this labour yet? He’s been at it a long while. He needs a bit of music to help him along, here you go, it’s totally depraved isn’t it?


Indeed. As a former rock guitarist who played in many rock bands throughout my life, this music played a significant role in the path I chose as a youth—and it was not a virtuous path. Yes, there were many other factors, but the music fed the flames of passion and rebellion. I not only listened to the stuff, I studied it and played it for others. Today, I mostly listen to Liturgical music. My toddler loves it! It is so uplifting-----she can sing along with the hymns–even in Greek and Church Slavonic.

Thank you for bringing these issues to the attention of others my brother in Christ. Some here will ridicule you, but what you have written is a gift. Thank you.


A lot of people think they can stay close to God by
listening to light classical music, but they must
beware this is also a path to Satan. I used to listen
to light classical music and I got to really like it,
to the point that it was kind of distracting, so I
couldn’t read my bible when I was listening to it.
This was bad enough, but I started getting into harder
classical. I got some CDs of the light classical they
play on the radio and I began to listen to the minor
key movements of those symphonies. They are much more
intense and very distracting. I started getting into
operas and more and more modern classical music. I
listened to Wagner’s Ring Cycle, which is a completely
pagan piece of music, glorfying pagan gods. I quit
reading the bible entirely and instead started playing
the tuba, against my parents’ wishes because Wagner
used it so heavily. I spent the time I used to spend
praying practicing scales.
Even as bad as this was, it got worse. I got all the
way up to twentieth century classical music and
started listening to people like Stockhausen and then
worse, known homosexuals like Bernstein and John Cage.
What John Cage wrote wasn’t even really music
anymore, it was just noise, but it came from the
classical tradition and I can trace a straight path
from my listening to Bach and Beethoven to my
listening to John Cage.
At some point, I was reading a score of 4’33", a piece
of music written by John Cage that is just 4 minutes
and thirty three seconds of silence and I realized
what he did was not music at all, it was Satan’s tool
for distracting me from God. I quit playing the tuba
and got rid of all my CDs.

Now I can’t listen to even a major key piano sonata
without thinking of heavier classical and wanting to
fall away from God again. Even many hymns, especially
ones by classical giants, like Bach are distracting to
me now. I have scars that may never heal from this
period of being away from God and disobeying my
parents and I may never forget the music theory I
leanred (it is distracting at church to be hearing
chord relationships, when I should just be singing and
glorifying God).

Everyday, i thank God for delivering me from Satan’s
classical music and pray that He may continue to keep
me safe. This will always be a struggle for me. The
best way to avoid this trap is not to fall into it.
Please warn your readers to only listen to hymns!

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