Lee Corso's anticatholic bigotry has to stop

I heard and saw Lee Corso on College Game Day this weekend on ESPN say the following about the Notre Dame coach Charlie Wies’ coaching contract:

The Catholic Church should take three collections:

  1. so the priest can take his vacation this year.
  2. to donate to charities and such.
  3. To buy out Charlie Wies’ contract.

He then went on to say. That the Vactican should just sell one of those 10 million dollar paintings to pay for the buyout.

Anyone else hear and see this???

Why does this guy still have a job???

I heard it. He has a job because anti-catholic bigotry has become okay. Now if enough people complain, something might happen.

Remember that the main point behind his rant is Charlie Weiss and the insanely large contract he received before doing much and not just pure (I hope) anti-catholicism.

I wouldn’t call Corso anti-Catholic. He just uses tons and tons of hyperbole. It wasn’t like he was actually criticizing the Vatican.

I would, however, call him a complete buffoon and the worst college announcer on TV. Only Tony Kornheiser prevents him from being the worst football announcer, full stop.

Not so fast my friend…

I generally like Corso and the Game Day show, but I have to admit he says some off the wall things. These comments, other then showing his ignorance, really don’t seem to terribly bad and even harmless when compared to some of the things that Bill Mahr (spelling :shrug: ??) is saying. But that doesn’t make it right.

You want pro Catholic analysis when watching football, tune into the half time shows on ESPN and listen to Lou Holtz… That guy bleeds Notre Dame football.

God bless

I don’t think he’s a bigot. He’s just trying to be entertaining; I don’t think he’s trying to be malicious.

By the way, Lee Corso’s sole pro head coaching experience was in 1985 with the Orlando Renegades (formerly the Washington Federals) of the United States Football League. They were 5-13 in 1985, their only season,

Explore G C

http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b94/BengalsManiac/renegades.gif http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b94/BengalsManiac/84-federals.gif

He then went on to say. That the Vactican should just sell one of those 10 million dollar paintings to pay for the buyout.**

FWIW, those “10 million dollar paintings” are the patrimony of all the human race, and it costs a lot of money to preserve and protect these great works of art.

Corso also said, “I was raised a Roman Catholic.”

When someone says they “were raised a Catholic” it indicates to me that they no longer are a practicing Catholic. I would say instead, “I’m AM a Roman Catholic”

Lee was making a joke. Lighten up.

I think he meant it jokingly. It doesn’t sound mean spirited to me. I think it’s okay to laugh at ourselves as long as it’s not hateful.

It would be a small price to get rid of Wies. The Notre Dame football team is also an irreplaceable Catholic heritage every bit as any painting in the Vatican archive

Yes but how many people are about to leave the church over God’s apparent indifference towards the fate of his team?

This is bigotry?

I yawn’d.

Great. Every time someone says “I am a Roman Catholic” I get a song stuck in my head:

I’m a Roman Catholic
and have been since before I was born
The one thing they say about Catholics
They’ll take you as soon as your warm

You don’t have to be a six footer
You don’t have to be a great brain
you don’t have to have any clothes on
your a Catholic the moment Dad [successfully finished the marital act]

I agree. I was just making a point that most if not all people I have heard say that they were “brought up a Catholic,” turn out to be people who have drifted away from the church.

Corso tries to be a comedian. His “3rd collection necessary” comment in far from insulting, but also not funny as it is old and worn.

If that comment is the worst thing anyone ever says about the Catholic church, I think we’ve got it pretty good.

He could have said a LOT more offensive things. As it is, the line, IMO, was utterly harmless.

But, to quote Dennis Miller (another horrible football commentator), I could be wrong :slight_smile:

And I don’t get it how everytime a TV announcer says something about the Church in a manner that isn’t dominantly kissing up, they say “BAWWWWWWWWWW CATHOLIC BIGOTRY!!!”

Fill me in on this kplx.

Let me replace [edited] with “Incredibly, Unflaggingly Positive”

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