Lee Harvey Oswald: Super-patriot

Nigel Turner’s BBC special on “The Men Who Killed Kennedy” contains three parts censored on American television. Parts 7, 8 & 9 explain the breadth of the assassination plot. Here’s the link to Part 8, with Judyth Vary Baker, Oswald’s mistress and co-worker in association with cancer researcher Dr. Mary Sherman. Dr. Sherman was herself murdered in her lab with her linear particle accelerator being short-circuited, and her body torn apart with the shock. Her corpse was moved to her apartment and the phony story of her rape-slaying circulated to the newspapers. This is documented in the book, Dr. Mary’s Monkey. Dr. Sherman was mutating pathogens to lower immunity (A.I.D.S.) to enhance the effect of fast-spreading cancer Judyth was culturing in lab rats. Her associates planned to infect Castro with cancer. Sherman and Oswald were likely as unwilling to kill Kennedy as the young Judyth Vary as the plot to kill Castro widened to include Kennedy. Part 9 was pulled from the History Channel as it names names like LBJ etc. as the guilty parties.

Here we go again.

The conspiracy theories never die, they just get bigger and wilder.


:: sigh ::

It’s a full moon, time for another conspiracy nut to come out and play!

True. Maybe they will get a few real clues this time,

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