left behind game and martyrs



How does the Left Behind game deal with martyrs and soilders that allow the martyrdom to occur?


Not sure, I’m just stunned that there is actually a game about this… wow. Does anyone else find this a little weird?


Well, I like this part:

Wage a war of apocalyptic proportions

but after that it gets wierd. :wink:


That game seriously scares me.


I heard that your points or something go down for “unnecessary killing” but that you can get them back with prayer… extremely disturbing game…


And you can play as the Global Community Peacekeepers…

So the ‘Christian’ alternative to zombies, car theft, and war is to allow children (expected to recieve an E rating) to play characters that they will be taught will actually be the Minions of Satan someday.

Anyone else see some twisted logic there?


I realize Catholics don’t interpret Revelations like fundamentalists do, however I think the video game looks a lot more harmless than most out there do! And it does seem kind of neat that instead of fighting other people or warships, etc., the gamers are fighting Satan. I don’t think it’s a good game for little ones, though AT ALL. They said it will likely be a teen rating.If it’s rated T I have no problem with it.


Am I wrong that the early church grew on the blood of the martyrs?


I don’t see a problem with this game. Somebody took an idea, and made it into a game. That has happened before: “duck hunt” “halo” “Mortal Combat” and such. Every game is the result of someones imagination. This just happens to deal with a topic close to home for people of faith. Idk, if it gets a teen rating, I don’t think it should be given to much attention.

Ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc, et in hora mortis nostrae.


Oh darn, it’s something you have to buy. You can’t play it for free on-line. :crying:

Here I was hoping they would show their motivation was evangelical, and I just get another proof that it’s all-for-profit after all.

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