Left Brain Christians


Left Brain Dominant. Logical. Analytical. Like facts, data and absolutes. Ideal for preventing chronic Relativism, a disease more common to right hemisphere dominant Christians.
Loves dogma so can be dogmatic.
Which one are you? A left hemisphere dominant Christian or Right Brain Dominant Christian.


Lefty by this definition.


Probably a left mostly.


Definitely left.


Feel like I need to advocate for right brain dominants here. Later…


Sounds like me alright


Can I place saints like Theresa of Avila as right hemisphere dominant?
St. John of the Cross?


i think (from what i’ve read) that most people are “left-brained”


Most likely left


Can one be middle brained in this question?


yes. that is for people who come from middle earth as in LOTR.


Yet at some point left brainers have to go out on a limb in order to have “faith”. Faith is not solely based on logic and analytical thinking.
So aren’t they are embracing some of their right hemisphere for that?


Hmm…why not? Faith completes reason (excuse the cliché), after all.


Left without a doubt.
Would Right (St. Francis) and Left (St. Thomas) be a fair description?


doubting Thomas? until I see the evidence Thomas?
that sounds almost like an atheist. but yeah def. closer to a left brain


Haha I was talking about St. Thomas Aquinas, but fits the Apostle as well


I’m a right-brained Christian… Looks like not many righties round here…


I’m left handed but …as much as I aspire to left Hemisphere dominant Christian thinking, right dominant hemisphere is a natural fit. I’m a creative soul with a natural affinity with HSP’s such as John of the C. Problem being I have none of their discipline and my mystic visions just aren’t happening at the moment.
There was one ambidextrous so far on this thread.


My most recent EEG showed that both hemispheres of my brain are equally… Something or other… I just can’t remember. :rofl:


It’s all been debunked.

Now, scientists at the University of Utah have debunked the myth with an analysis of more than 1,000 brains. They found no evidence that people preferentially use their left or right brain. All of the study participants — and no doubt the scientists — were using their entire brain equally, throughout the course of the experiment.

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