Left Brain Christians


I don’t really accept the left-right distinction.

That analytic assertion suggests I am left dominant but in fact I don’t believe much in:
(a) absolutes (I believe in “its the best model/approximation” we have so far
(b) dogmatics (there are usually exceptions methinks)
© analytics (there is often more than one possible explanation so one cannot be too dogmatic and need to take analysis with a grain of salt.)
(d) facts - hmmmn. (The most important ones cannot be proven)

But as others say, the right left thing is debunked isn’t it?


debunked by a left brainer for sure


strictly speaking as a right brainer, I never rule out any possibility. It may or it may not.


Oh Tom Aquinas. Him and Saint Aristotle started the whole left brain thing, all those years ago.


Hmm…, yes, but…
It seems that a logical/analytical/fact-based attitude (left) is much closer to skepticism, and because of this to relativism (see also casuism). On the other hand, sentiment and sentiment-based faith (right), being more “devoted” and “absolute” is more close to a dogmatic perception and position :wink:


I am not sure (as in “isn’t it”) … that’s what denies the appellation “dogmatic left brain”).
Sure I am left brain…as well as right brain. Its a yinyang balance.

OR, in left brain dogmatic jargon:
“Its not always simply a matter of either/or but sometimes its both/and.” … I feel :rofl::joy::rofl:


Emotional appeals and resorting to “feelings” tends to make me scoff at whatever is being discussed. So yeah, “left” brained I suppose.


I feel you are going offtrack :slight_smile:


I fried my left brain long time ago. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I feel like I’m getting more left-brained as I get older. I used to be a righty in grammar school.


What about Southern Hemisphere Christians?


Where’s my Southern Hemisphere Christian Thread ?


Maybe you said something that you shouldn’t. CAF police is watching.


The left-right myth has been shattered just like the myth we only use 10% of our brains.


Given my interactions with the public through my job I contest the results of 10% usage being a myth in all cases.


10% of not very much is almost nuffing!


Turns out, most of us only use 2% of our brains!

ba dum tss


We use spiral thinking - left, right, left-right-left sir.
Northern cranial hemisphere Christians spiral in the other direction - right, left…

Time to pull the plug on this … and see which way the water spirals down the hole.


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