Left cheers Harry Styles In Dresses on Vogue Magazine Cover

It is well known that crossdressing is immoral.

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I’m sorry but you post unproven conclusions like they are black letter law. I’m done.

You are correct: That was a guess. Please leave me out of your suppositions so we can deal with the issues.

Will Rogers remarked that we are all ignorant – just on different subjects.

Please watch the personal insults – it detracts from the forum.

It wasn’t a guess. You have proven my point. Good day sir and/or madam.

Step into a bar and call the biggest dude there ignorant. Just tell me the result.

(By the way, when someone says they are insulted by a remark, a gentleman apologizes and states: “I did not mean my statement that way. I regret if I have offended you.” Unless one did mean a statement that way.)

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I really did not like how the Left was the put on Headline. I don’t know how else they could have phrased as they were addressing a liberal way of thinking…

Candace Owens seems to be just addressing her own age group and asking where are you going with this?

It is a fair question.

No, no, no, no. Everyone has a right to their feelings. One never tells a person they don’t have a right to feel that way. That’s just out of bounds.

You’re digging yourself in deeper. I’m no paragon of ethics and manners but even I know that.

As a society we can be polite and not call people names. As I was told when I complained to my mom about manners and rules, she told me that manners and politeness are what separated men from animals and made for a cohesive society. So perhaps we need to bring back Emily Post along with a dose of empathy for others.

Also, as the Bible tells us, being silent (instead of voicing one’s opinion about things, my addition :slight_smile: ) is usually a good thing

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There’s been a statistical study?

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Perhaps. But telling someone they need to develop tougher skin is not very uplifting.

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We can speak in generalities here as we all know it’s true from what we’ve seen in society, and in our own personal lives.

But he didn’t say anything.

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