Left message for appt with local priest

after going to Mass for over 3 months, i finally thought it was time to meet with the priest about my conversion process. ( a little background…i am an extreme introvert and terrified of meeting new people including the priest at parish). i finally called and left message with the secretary that i would like an appt, i wasnt a Catholic and wanted to convert. its been 3 days and still havent heard anything from the parish.
i have made several excuses like, he was out so maybe he is sick and will call later, maybe he wants to talk with RCIA deacon, maybe my number was lost, maybe it isnt time for me to contact him (always looking at “signs from God”), i am now worried, should i call again or just wait??? really stressing about having to call back…

It is very possible that the priest never got the message. Happens in every office and the Church is no different. I know our parish secretary spaces stuff out all the time. Why don’t you just go to Mass and speak to him afterwords. You will probably be asked to speak to the RCIA director.

There is nothing of which to be afraid. I think (and hope) that you will be welcomed warmly.

Congradulations and I wish you many blessings on your journey.

Wow, that took courage!

It depends on the size of the parish, but in my experience, 3 days is not long at all to wait. When I asked about entering RCIA, I did not get a reply for 2 weeks, and so I contacted them again; it turned out that the person who handled RCIA inquiries was on a summer holiday. When I’ve contacted the secretary in other situations, there has generally been a waiting period of 3 days to a week.

I hope that your meeting with the priest goes well and that you will have clarity of thought to be able to say whatever needs saying. I’m also an extreme introvert, I know the toll that anxiety can take on a conversation, especially an important one. :cool:

Is there an e-mail address you can contact him at? This will at least give you a paper trail.

But to put your mind at rest (I hope - or else make you even more anxious - but I hope not) - priests are heading into an incredibly busy time right now, with Lent coming up.

This weekend is going to be very busy at most parishes with back-to-back weddings all day tomorrow, and tons of kids being baptized on Sunday, because this is the very last weekend to get that done - it’s going to be Lent as of this Wednesday, which means, no Baptisms and no weddings for a good couple of months at least.

Because of that, his phone has most likely been ringing off the hook with people calling for last-minute answers to various questions, and people asking for favours, and stuff like that - so, he will most likely get back to you at some point after Ash Wednesday.

It wouldn’t hurt anything to shoot him a friendly e-mail and say something like, “I’m the one who called the other day; I know you must be very busy at this time of year, but could you just let me know that you got the message, just to put my mind at ease. At your earliest convenience I would really like to meet with you to get to know you a bit, and to find out how I can become a Catholic. I have been attending your parish for 3 months, and I’m ready to get going on my journey of conversion.”

Thanks, i shied away during Advent, thinking that was a busy time and was hoping before Lent would be a better time. Maybe after Easter would be easier…At least that sounds easier for me:thumbsup:

As suggested above, he may have passed on your message to the RCIA director who has not yet had a chance to contact you. Introducing yourself to the Priest after Mass will just take a few minutes and will provide you with a good start on your journey. I encourage you not to delay until after Easter.


:tiphat: Welcome home! I, too, am a convert and it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. If I were you, I’d speak to the priest directly after Mass. Don’t be afraid- full steam ahead! You’ll be so glad you did. One word of caution: be careful not to interpret various occurrences as signs from God. That can lead you into superstition which goes directly against our Faith. Sometimes an unreturned phone call is just that and nothing more. Besides, the Lord wouldn’t want you to delay simply because of an unreturned call. Hope this helps. May God bless you abundantly in time and eternity.:heaven::harp:

Three days isn’t long; he’ll probably be getting back to you soon. Or you could follow up by touching base with him after Mass on Sunday. I’m shy, too, so I know how hard it can be. If you can, though, you won’t have to wait and wonder. Blessings for Lent and for your journey. :slight_smile:


While you wait, get hold of the Audio Catechism Adults USA for about $42.00 and listen away. There is music, stories of Saints, an explanation of the Faith and it will serve you well to learn all you can…you can find it on Amazon, I suggest you do not get a used copy, get a new one…

Many parishes now have websites, and the priest (or priests) have e-mail accounts. Three days really isn’t much time, and no, it’s not any kind of “sign.” Just send him an e-mail, include your contact info (including phone number,) and the priest will get back to you. And may God bless you on your faith journey!

Great idea! Here’s a detailed description of it from American Catholic:


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