Left over ash to take home to my mom who couldn't make it to Mass

My parish allowed the people to take the left over ashes in small zip lock bags after Mass to family who couldn’t make it. I’ve still got some left after I gave it to my mom. Can my family and I still use it during lent to bless ourselves. I think it would help us on our lenten journey.

I’m sure someone here will be able to provide a specific answer, but I don’t think it would be a problem if you think it will help you on your Lenten journey. I know that in my mother’s youth (1960’s-70’s) it was commonplace for the faithful to take some ashes home with them in between the pages of their missal!

Must have made their books awfully messy!

Just treat it properly as a sacramrntal.


I’m sure they had a pocket of greaseproof paper or something at the ready…or else they would have just put it inside the cover…hopefully they would not have actually ruined the texts of the missal:)

We send EMHC’s to the home bound and hospitalized. I think they carry the ashes in a paper napkin.

If I were going to bring ashes home I would ask the priest for permission, which I am sure would be granted.

After assisting at my TLM parish in the city by reading for the Novus Ordo w/ an Irish seminarian and being second acolyte for the Last TLM Mass of the day I went to my local parish’s last service of Ash Wednesday. I assisted the clergy in distributing ashes which went on for about half an hour since the church building was packed to overflowing. After Monsignor gave the final blessing I helped the sacristan clean the sanctuary while giving ashes for people lined up at the rail to take home. They took them home in pockets of paper and did my best to keep up. It was a truly busy night but personally the greatest start to Lent a Catholic Man could ever have!

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