Left wants to pack the Supreme Court

Godservant on Zerge’s pivot to race and women . . .

For example, I said, as he pointed out, that the founding fathers did not intend for such wide access to voting (principle). I specified what I would do to maintain those principles.

He then accused me of racism, because he mixed up principle with application .

Got it!

Thanks Godservant.

I disagree.

I think it is the other way around with the leftists attempting to destroy the country.

And this leftist self-destruction has been going on long before “Trump” was ever in office.

One example of this is how they asked Trump if he would accept election results in 2016.

But it is CLEARLY Hillary (and many of the leftists) who have never accepted the election.

The left did what they frequently do. Project their worst traits upon someone else (in this case “Trump”, but the same would have occurred with Bush, or Cruz too)…

Then Express hate and rage against that person.

The left does this because they are angry at themselves.

They are angry at themselves for their own abortion lust.

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Ad hominem.

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Where did I accuse you of racism? Please provide the exact quote or apologize for this outragaous distortion.

This are honest questions. and all this questions are made in context and content. Do you know the Voting history? How it came to be? Why they had the rules they did? Why it went the way it did, and how we fixed it?

For example, the early days of voting. People where concerned just as they are today about outside interference. Voter fraud and the sorts.

How can a people who lived in a specific area had their votes counted and not be interfered? Remember that identification was not as easy to have as today. Solution?

Proof of Land ownership. This provided the people of the land to vote on who will represent them.

Freedom existed in greater terms in those days. The government did not got involved in everyday activities, people went on their lives and there where not many rules.

As rules and regulations began to be added, the government slowly began to creep in to individuals. Once the rules and regulations affected the way people lived, then people wanted the right to elect a person with their views to represent them. Thus Women and Black people wanted a say so. This took time to change.

It started with a government that was rarely involved with the individual to a government that regulated the way we live.

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Zerge responding to me and quoting my post . . .

Where did I accuse you of racism?

Are posting this to me??

Should I have directed it to @Cathoholic? It was within your post.

No. Go to whatever quote you want.

But please don’t direct at me something I never said.

Cathoholic . . .

They incessantly asked Trump if he would except the election results if he loses and said
it would be un-American if he didn’t.

Correction of myself . . .

They incessantly asked Trump if he would accept the election results if he loses and said
it would be un-American if he didn’t.

More on Democrat Court packing desires
and Senator Cruz explaining
what court packing is,
and what court-packing ISN’T.


Expanding the number of justices to acheive a political outcome. – Senator Cruz defining “Court-Packing”.

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