Left-Wing Extremism Rising

Ever since the media has taken a right-wing swing from the center, people have adopted increasingly left-wing ideals out of a form of personal protest. They have supported abortion, polygamy, and a pro-islam agenda, they call nationalists and conservatives nazis when all we seek is a better experience for all. CNN is the only liberal news service and that has gone so far to the left that centrists and conservatives cant even understand it and moderate news sources like the Plain Dealer or the Wall Street Journal are portrayed as evil or fascist or a plethora of other derogatory and often misused words. Individuals who believe differently than atheists or anarchists are deemed as savages or unethical beings by the mainstream society and now right-wing media is dwindling and turning so far around that its even more left than the liberal paradise known as CNN. The international ideal is a load of bull and we cannot ever adopt a universal culture or language due to how different and how unique everyone is. Anyone who adopts such views can be honestly compared to communists who let millions die just so they can get a point across.ld.

What was the question? :smiley:

When did the media take a right-wing swing from the center?

I wasn’t asking a question, I was making a statement to see what others felt of it. I believe the media has been right-wing since the 80’s but its now totally reversing.

I don’t agree with your opinion. None of it really makes any sense - and what does make sense there isn’t any evidence for. It sounds like something a right wing reactionary type of person would write - which is a form of extremism in and of itself.

Lol, a transgender MtF who is lesbian and pagan and supports human rights is deemed a right-wing reactionary, what will they come up with next.

I didn’t write that you were a right wing reactionary - I wrote that is what it sounded like. Please re-read. I don’t know where you are from - but where I’m at is Republican country - and that’s exactly what you just sounded like. Sorry?

Dear TgirlMaria–

You just described Republican senator Mitch McConnell perfectly. He has publicly stated that his efforts are not focused on the well-being of his constituents, but rather defeating Obama no matter what the cost to society. He doesn’t care who gets hurt, in fact relishes it, so he can pin the blame on the current administration. And unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know how politics work, and they believe him. :frowning:


I don’t know where you are getting your perceptions, but the media has been Leftist for generations. For example, Walter Duranty en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Duranty was given a Nobel Prize for a series of stories about the Soviet Union and denial of the mass starvation of the Ukraine in 1932-33, a genocide referred to as the Harvest of Sorrows amazon.com/Harvest-Sorrow-Soviet-Collectivization-Terror-Famine/dp/0195051807. The prize is still on display at the Times, and they have refused to return it to the Nobel committee.

With the Times, even good news is bad news. jewishworldreview.com/0805/jkelly082505.php3

“We’ve been invaded!” – Left-wing author Lillian Hellman said, rushing into a New York cocktail party, on Hitler’s invasion of Russia. “We”? Think about that.

Which media are you watching? I’ve never seen right wing media. Fox news used to be hardcore right wing, just as msnbc was hardcore left wing and cnn was somewhat moderate though it hung to the left. Now msnbc and cnn are hardcore leftist and fox is getting less and less conservative.


I agree, what news channels are you watching OP? :ehh:

Here’s what I see.

ABC - Left
CBS - Center-Left
NBC - Far Left
CNN - Far Left
Fox News - Center-Right*
MSNBC - Radical-Left
CurrentTV - Radical-Left
EWTN (World Over Live) - Center
PBS - Center**
NPR - Far Left

  • Taking into account Sean Hannity who is Far Right and Bill O’Reilly who is Right
    **Taking into account Tavis Smiley who is Far Left

Obviously you didn’t read my post as you are only commenting on my statement about the media, BTW Fox News is right-wing, but thats not what my post is about.

They commented on the media because you did in your post. Fox News is the one and only exception to the rule of the mainstream media being slanted to the left. But even Fox News has some left-wing commentators and gets some of it’s news articles from left-wing media sources such as from Reuters, AP, and the New York Times.

Even though they have Extreme Leftist Bob Beckel, Left Alan Colmes, Left Juan Williams (formally NPR) Brit Hume center-left, and Chris Wallace center-left. :rolleyes:

Sorry Fox News is center-right. TgirlMaria.

Odd that I rarely get those channels here in Manila save for CNN and MSNBC.

Don’t quite agree with this assessment, except for CBS, MSNBC & CurrentTV

On the others I would say:

ABC: Far Left (especially some of their affiliates)
FOX: Right
EWTN: Right
PBS: Center-Left
NPR: Radical Left

MSNBC has essentially become a partisan communications center for a particular unamed party.
NPR comes close to being iconoclastic, mocking all traditional institutions of any kind, but especially anything religious or intersecting with religion. It is essentially a promoter of atheism, paganism, One-World government and the eradication of sovereign boundaries.

As to the OP’s invisible timeline, I agree with other posters that it is off, in terms of political swings. Complicating it all are the swings of style in journalism, which has had other sensationalist periods and irresponsible particular outlets before the 21st century.

Most of today’s so-called Mainstream Media (MSM) is almost as sensationalistic as similar categories of media during the 1930’s - 1950’s.

Politically, and stylistically, there was a period of moderation from the mid-1950’s to mid-1960’s, followed by an abrupt swing left from the late '60’s to late-'70’s, which did invite a reaction hard right in the 1980’s, but that was mostly in radio, less so in TV and print. Since the late 1980’s, the drift Left in the MSM has been generally steady, and remains there.

I think Colmes is hard left if there ever was one. Williams was hard left until he got canned by NPR for making an honest statement; then he moved to center left. Since Williams and Hume have had some real knock-down, drag-out disagreements, I find it difficult to see Hume as anything but center right to right.

Sorry Fox News is center-right. TgirlMaria.

I agree with this. If you want to see someone really, really hard left, like to the left of Colmes, check out Bill Press.

An interesting thread, and I will refrain from posting in it.

People we have been asked continually not to post about politics in social justice. This thread will end soon.

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