leg pain


im helping my brother train for a enshin karate tornament wich is coming up soon. we are trainning hard, its all the way upstate and we are going for the weekend. well we were sparring and i went to check a leg kick, (he didnt even hit me that hard while we both were wairing shinguards)and the spot that made contact hurt an incredible amount, i coulnd walk for like a day. eventualy most of the pain had subside but this odd muscular pains till haunts me from a week ago. i usualy dont mind but it doenst seem to be going away. and it hinders my daily movement. its cost me my trianing (i havent been able to practice my judo or bjj for a week) becasue of the pain i get if i lean on my leg. i just dont understand it like this big dull pain in my leg for ever. maybe just like a quick prayer form you guys(ive been praying and taking aspirin my self but doesnt seem to wan to leave)

thanks in advance


all right you, go to the DOCTOR.


however, I will keep you in my prayers too…lolololool…


Praying you will go to the doctor and that your leg heals quickly.:thumbsup:


Praying :crossrc:


thank you.


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