Legal authority of holy see in U.S

I’m curious about that legal authority of the Holy See over bishops and diocese in the United States. As a foreign entity, I would think that the power to regulate affairs of domestic U.S. corporations (which each diocese is, technically) would be problematic. Does anyone know of any good articles or links to info that describes the legal technicalities of this relationship and how it works. By what legal mechanism can the Holy See forcibly remove a bishop if it deems it necessary?



If a foreign corporation has employees in the US, that corporation can still fire and hire as they see fit. They operate under the same rules as domestic US corporations do regarding hiring and firing.

True. But is the Holy See a corporation? It may be, as the official government entity is the Vatican City-State. However, what is the Holy See’s official relationship to each diocese? Does it serve as a director of the board or something (legally speaking).

BTW, these questions are just intellectual and aren’t being asked to diminish the spiritual aspect of the Church.

Church organizations are usually incorporated as not for profit, religious organizations under section 501©(3). How the catholic church has chosen how to incorporate the individual dioceses (separate entities? fully owned subsidiaries? franchises?), I don’t know.

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