Legal polygamy next?

The following article suggests legal polygamy is on the way. Again, a court ruling.

If same-sex marriage should be legal, the argument goes, why not polygamy?

What say you?

I say civil marriage is going to become so broadly defined eventually that it will be meaningless. Maybe they’ll get rid of it altogether. Then some genius will figure out that one man and one woman is the way to go. :shrug: Of course this won’t be without disastrous consequences. All of the sudden the Catholic Church won’t sound crazy.

Polygamy isn’t so far fetched now it seems with people (cough) “open sexualites” where people seem to be sleeping around to a very unnerving degree, so sadly this would not shock me

Wouldn’t shock me either. But I think harems are not and have not been a feature of Western Civilization for thousands of years. They were abandoned probably for a very good reason. That reason may surface as common sense once again if harems become legal.

Not saying its a good thing but its a fact that the amount of people who have 1 partner is declining

Polygamy actually has a greater legal stance under the First Amendment’s religious expression than that of homosexual marriage. Both the Muslim religion and Mormon faith allow for multiple wives.

I say the can is open and the worms are out. Stand by for all kinds of “marriage” craziness in the next decade or two. People will want to marry one than 1 spouse at the same time; they will want to marry their cousin, nephew, stepchild, dog, cat, bicycle, pepperoni pizza or Christmas tree. The scariest one of all are the pedophiles waiting in the background, taking notes and getting ready to claim they are also “discriminated” and need legal protection to use our children for their perversions.

Once the Socratic-Thomist perception of marriage crumbled in the earlier 20th century with the mainstream condoning of contraception, the rest was pretty much guaranteed to come around, like punching a hole through a dam. The majority of people in the West already look at marriage as nothing beyond a fancy emotional bond; the end result is not dissoluble marriage, or open marriage, or gay marriage, or polygamy, or incestual marriage, or bestial marriage. Those are all steps in the journey. The end result is that ‘marriage’ ultimately becomes meaningless.

The silver lining is that the further certain societies stray from the Socratic-Thomist model, the more persuasive the notion becomes that we’re shooting ourselves in the foot. I actually think the Catholic Church can present a stronger argument in defense of its sexual ethics today than it could 80 years ago, even though it is less popular today.

Legal polygamy, then what will be next?

Same sex polygamy probably

Didn’t see that one coming. Soon it will be open to all possibilities ! The circus comes to town…

Not saying its a good idea, just looks in play i guess if you wanna expand marriage

We are in some strange times where everything normal is becoming abnormal, and everything abnormal is becoming normal.

I do really see how the two are related.

polygamy is between a man/wives or, and it happens lol, a woman/husbands

ss civil unions are between a man/man and a woman/woman.

now if a man/husbands was the issues then you would have a case but I cannot see how the two are in any way related. Sorry :shrug:

Thats not always a bad thing, my people are being treated like humans again despite us being “abnormal” or “weird”

So the linked article from LifeSite states that the judge found “the state can continue to ban polygamy.” So that gets spun into “polygamy is on the way?” What the judge found is that since the state doesn’t prosecute adultery, it can’t prosecute a man who cohabits with multiple women at the same time. Not that some judge somewhere won’t go further, but this one didn’t.


The whole hysteria over this subject is built from straw man arguments. If this hypothetical then that hypothetical.

All this ruling does is stop people being prosecuted for what is, effectively, free association.

It isn’t legalising ‘polygamous marriage’ any more than it’s making pigs fly.

Yeah. In the sense that Civil Unions were “on the way” to Same Sex Marriage.

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