Legalising Cannabis/Marijuana, why not?

Hi, I have started this thread, because I believe people are going to soon be following in Califonia’s footsteps here in Australia with legalising Cannabis/Marijuana, there are some articles I have come accross in which they are trying to say that such legalization would be a ‘good thing’ and I don’t believe that for one second.

I also searched on here, and found the majority of people were in support of legalizing Cannabis/Marijuana. I feel like I am the only sane person left on this issue.

I would like to ask for help with any material or articles which can equip me with the tools/argumentation to combat the effort for legalizing Cannabis/Marijuana in Australia.

I believe people are making a huge mistake on this issue buying into the propaganda for ‘medical’ purposes and how it would be a ‘good thing’ their arguments sound all too similar to the ones for ‘abortion’ and ‘same sex marriage’ I believe.

I believe evil cannot bear the counterwitness of truth and evil insists on being seen as right and good must seem hateful and wrong. I believe the articles supporting this have been dressed up to make this look ‘good/right’ and my stance as ‘Hateful/wrong’ which I believe is a massive lie. Thus I would like to equip myself the best I can with the counterwitness of the truth.

God Bless

Thank you for reading

I am against this tidal wave of legalization. Marijuana is more dangerous especially to the human brain than a number of other legal drugs. We have enough problems with alcohol, why is there a need to add another mind altering drug to that list.

Josh, I agree with you. I think this is a mistake. :frowning:

I don’t have statistics in front of me. I have the feeling people will need to learn the hard way by legalizing marijuana, seeing for themselves what that’s like.

We seem to be going farther and farther away from morality on each policy.

I’m not looking forward to it. You’re not alone if that’s any consolation.

I think marijuana is dangerous from the personal experience of watching several friends destroy their lives after getting hooked on the stuff. Unfortunately, you make the assumption that once people see the problems they will take appropriate action. This is not usually the case.

Hi Josh,

It is a health hazard and should remain illegal. Here are some links I hope you find useful:


That’s true, too. I meant us as a nation, but seems we will have to hit rock bottom, a bit like an alcoholic. Unfortunately, what constitutes “bottom” can be quite low.

I think this entire legalization is a huge mistake. I just meant that I believe we will regret having done that.


I agree,

Makes me feel much better that I am not alone on this one, Thank you. :thumbsup:

:frowning: I don’t know why people want to legalise marijuana in the first place, I believe many are jumping on the bandwagon that it’s a type of ‘pain killer’ but I find that whole argument ‘bs’ as there are many pain killers (Some stronger I believe) that are already available.

Thank you heaps Ed. That’s exactly the stuff I am looking for. :thumbsup:

Also, can anyone help me with how to respond to those who say that smoking pot is no different to alcohol?

Thank you all for your replies, they are greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:

I agree,

I’m trying to get as much info on this as I can, so that when confronted with it, my stance wont be made out to appear hateful and wrong (as they try to do with those like me against Euthanasia, Abortion and Same Sex Marriage), instead hopefully I will be armed with the hard facts, the truth. :slight_smile:


Some things are inherently disordered, such as homosexuality and pornography. But not plants. There is nothing inherently wrong with a plant. Now, some can kill you if you ingest them, some are nutritional, and others can be used medicinally. Cannabis is one such plant, which has great medicinal value. It also happens to be a favorite for those who like to take “recreational” drugs.

Now, I don’t believe that any natural plant should be made illegal. That does not mean that we should allow all uses of a plant. For example, if someone used a poisonous plant to murder, that person is guilty and should be charged and prosecuted for murder, but I don’t believe possession in itself should be illegal.

The problem with framing the question as “legalizing” cannabis (which is often how it is posited) is that it sound like we’re saying “Should the government give us permission to do this/should it say that it’s okay?” And I don’t see that as the proper relationship between the people and government at all. Government shouldn’t “give us permission”. Rather, we should be able to do anything (legally, though not necessary morally!) as long as we don’t harm another.

I don’t have time or the inclination to get into the details of “the war against drugs”, but I will say that it is a political sham and is very detrimental to society in many ways (violence, bigger government, unnecessary prison sentences, etc.), but gives the government greater power and profit (gov often profits from illegal drug trafficking).

I do not believe that people should be encouraged to use cannabis recreationally. I do believe it can be very harmful if improperly used (can create addiction, health problems, etc.) However, I do not believe the government ever had a right to make a plant illegal. That said, I don’t necessary think it should be sold at every drug store, and I believe there are responsible ways of selling it where it will do the least harm and the greatest good.

I believe that purposefully viewing pornography for is a sin under most conditions (I suppose one could exclude study purposes). The same goes for homosexual acts, abortion, etc, but I do not believe that cannabis use falls into the same category. I don’t believe it is automatically sinful, and so I don’t think it can be argued (for or against) the same way.

I hope this has helped you with the issue, even if you disagree with me. I think I know where you’re coming from. I too worry about irresponsible behavior with the drug, even if I don’t believe it should be illegal.

By the way, if they present to you the silly tax argument, let them know that tax monies won’t just suddenly appear from nothingness. They will be taken from other places where they would have been used in society.

Good for you, Josh. Marijuana is one of those wolf in sheeps clothing evils because it destroys people slowly under the guise of being their friend.

It is not a substance that ‘sets you free’. It imprisons you in a haze of mindless self indulgence that leaves you disconnected, isolated from and suspicious of the world around you. The damage to the brain resembles the irreversible damage of dementia and a pot smoker can never achieve the potential they are gifted with.

We are lucky in Queensland at this time to have a LNP government who take no prisoners in the drug and bikie war and God willing they get another term to reduce these criminals to pathetic limping has beens.

It won’t be long before people are driving with it in their system.

not just cars but can include an number of other modes of transportations such as trains, airplanes, buses, taxes etc and so. Once you let the genie out of the bottle, you can’t stuff it back in.

first of all, pots harms oneself and your brain, your judgement and ablility to function. Now if it is just you and you live alone in some isolated world with no one else around is one things but this affects so many things. Look at legal alcohol, people abuse it and it is the number one killer in car accidents. sorry, legalizing a substance that alters one’s mind and judgement and then have a bunch of altered mind out there trying to do jobs, drive etc and so on is society becoming suicidal. do we really need a world with a bunch of pot heads that can’t function and think? I don’t think so.

We have enough issue’s at present. And the most ridiculous defense is “Its not as bad as alcohol” :rolleyes:

That logic alone should indicate the depth of this dilemma.

I used to live with someone who was very much in favor of legalizing marijuana and while I do NOT agree with the legalizing of it for casual use, I did learn a good deal about the pros and cons of letting up on it’s criminal status. I would recommend that you not go in with undocumented or uncited claims about brain damage etc and come from a position of truth which can be verified. Claims which you cannot back up with scientific proof are going to undermine your credibility and thus your efforts to prevent the legalization.

There is a real difference between addiction and habitual use. Marijuana is not physically addictive, although those who are habitual users may present a craving that is very similar in outward signs and need to have some kind of psychological support in order to stop taking the drug. However, overall, it is not as traumatic physically to get off of as something which is physically addictive, like heroin or nicotine.

There are valid, medical uses for marijuana and its active ingredients. If you take a complete ban stance on it’s legalization, you will be sure to be hit with the very real claims of it’s helpful nature to humanity in some circumstances and methods and again undermine your credibility and your purpose. Be sure not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

The main reason I have always come upon for a Catholic anti-marijuana use stance is that there is almost no dose that you can partake of which is not inebriating, unlike alcohol, which is why it is ok to have a drink but to not smoke a joint basically. This is a very strong point to make to devout Catholics, but it is also something which is a zinger for those who just wish to indulge recreationally/casually other than medical purposes. There is thus NO way it can be possible to partake of marijuana and then do the normal things you may be capable of doing legally, like driving a car, operating certain machines or for another thought taking care of children after a single glass of wine for example. As has been indicated above you have to ensure a VERY controlled environment in order to indulge and we all know that the percentage of people who are going to go to that much trouble just to eat some pot candy or smoke a joint is miniscule in the general population.

Hope this helps.

What unmitigated garbage. If you want you can search my posts from about a year back to get an idea of our hellish journey with my sons marijuana addiction. When I was in my late teens early 20’s, I was addicted to nicotene. Never did I miss work or sleep all day and look like a zombie. I never withdrew from life become a self absorbed, isolated sneak. Never was I hospitalised for suicide watch. I’m sure you, like most of the pro marijuana lobby will say “oh no. It wasn’t the marijuana. It must be something else.” What a load of garbage. If you have a problem … run a mile from any idiot who tells you marijuana is medically helpful to you. That is nothing but the voice of the devil speaking to people.

Hope this helps.

I implore anyone who is swayed to try marijuana by this sort of propaganda to go up to the psych hospital in your area and do a survey of the inmates to see who smokes marijuana. You’ll be surprised by the percentage.

I agree that addicted use or use by a minor can certainly cause physical and mental damage. But MANY people use cannabis and are ale to function normally enough in society. It is simply a false characterization that all who use Cannabis in whatever capacity are somehow severely impaired and a danger to society.

Thank you for that. Even those who do not agree with full legalization should realize the benefits of legalization for medical use and the great societal harm that outright criminalization causes. I don’t know the law in Australia, but decriminalization is at least better than outright criminalization, as it doesn’t criminalize the user, only the big-time seller.

I am truly sorry to hear of your son’s past problems with addiction. Some substances and some people simply do not mix. Even though I have not problems with addiction per se, I have decided to stay away from alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and other drugs as a rule, because I don’t find that they are generally harmful to my health.

However, cannabis DOES have legitimate medical use. Morphine is a powerful drug that should be handled carefully, and yet it also has clear medical uses. And most recreational users are not driven to suicide, while others use cannabis for a time and then simply leave it. The experience of one person is not the experience of all, or even most. I can only assume that the insults that you hurl to those “pro-marijuana” comes from your hurtful experiences with your son’s addiction, so I will not take offense, as you are clearly hurt. And I am not nor ever will be on the “marijuana lobby”.

As for the “psych hospital” it’s an interesting fact, but without more details and study, we would be hard-pressed to say that cannabis use drives most people to the psych hospital. I wonder how many smoke tobacco and if we can infer the same from that.

You’re welcome.


Now, I don’t believe that any natural plant should be made illegal. That does not mean that we should allow all uses of a plant. For example, if someone used a poisonous plant to murder, that person is guilty and should be charged and prosecuted for murder, but I don’t believe possession in itself should be illegal.

This is not a logical argument. I was following you until this part. Plans are often illegal. Agriculturally speaking you cannot import many many plants, they may harm an entire ecosystem causing animal deaths and billions in agricultural losses. The transporting of plant and animal species is highly regulated and for good reason. GMO crops are also highly regulated and it matters what when and where a plant is introduced to an environment. Possession of certain plants is indeed illegal and should be. Noxious weeds are responsible for many ecological changes in the west. The government has a right to protect and regulate it’s land and plants therein. All governments do this.

The problem with framing the question as “legalizing” cannabis (which is often how it is posited) is that it sound like we’re saying “Should the government give us permission to do this/should it say that it’s okay?” And I don’t see that as the proper relationship between the people and government at all. Government shouldn’t “give us permission”. Rather, we should be able to do anything (legally, though not necessary morally!) as long as we don’t harm another.

I also have a problem with this. governments are to act in the interest of the people. You may not think something harms another but it can even in ways you don’t know. It is illegal to not wear a seatbelt. Why? Do you think the government cares about you personally? No. Do you think the government acts in your best interest? No. But what it does do is lessen the cost of medical insurance, car insurance, and pressure on a healthcare system that is already being put to it’s limits. Same with smoking in general. On airplanes this is not really a safety issue but rather a convenience issue that the government regulates. The idea that as long as we don’t harm another is a relative threshold. Not a moral guideline.

The rest of your post made sense to me.

Two things: First, one’s sanity is not determined by positions on political topics. Second, opinion does not equate to truth, or disagreement to evil.

The problem with making marijuana legal or not is that it is not isolated social, meaning we have one set of problems with it being legal and another set with it being illegal. Not every one sees the scale the same way.

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