Legend has it that this saint had a pet hind


St Giles

Celebrated on September 1st


True or not , I like the legend about the hind .

A hermit , St Giles was was one of the most popular saints of Western Europe in mediaeval times. He is said to have been a Greek Christian from Athens, who settled near Arles in France, sometime during the ninth century. According to one legend, he had a pet hind. One day when the Visigoth king Wamba was hunting in the woods and shot an arrow into the undergrowth, he came across the saint wounded by the arrow, and holding the hind in his arms. The king’s hunting dogs were miraculously rooted to the spot.

St Giles became known as a patron of the crippled, lepers and nursing mothers. The tomb in the abbey Giles was said to have founded, in Saint-Gilles-du-Gard, became a place of pilgrimage and a stop on the road that led from Arles to Santiago de Compostela, the pilgrim Way of St James.

In England, 162 churches and at least 24 hospitals were dedicated to him. The most famous one is St Giles, in Edinburgh and St Giles, Cripplegate in London.

At least two famous fairs were named after in him in Winchester and Oxford. In Germany he was known as one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.

His churches were often found at road junctions, which travellers could visit while their horses were being shod nearby. St Giles is also a patron of blacksmiths.

(from ICN)


Thank you Rob, my mother and I were wondering about this Saint today :slight_smile:


Thanks @Greenfields .

Some more icons of St Giles .








I love reading about the Saints.
Not long ago if finished a great book called ‘The cure d’Ars’ by Abbé Francois Trochu, it was a long book but it had to be since the author gives details which give you a real sense of context, I almost felt I was there with St John Vianney. I’d highly recommend it.


A book I read @Lee1 about St John Vianney years ago told of the frightening experiences he had from the devil and his demons .


Yes, that was in the book I read too but that seemed to be happening to him for a limited time and then it eased off, I think. Padre Pio also had such problems as I’m sure you know. I remember him saying that the anti boss turned up in his confessional as a respectable man but Padre Pio sensed there was something amiss and challenged him and the man disappeared in front of him. Another where he was presented with a being of light so to speak and he sensed something was wrong and asked the entity to say something like “ long live Jesus and Mary.” The thing disappeared immediately. I remember those tips!
As a new Catholic I was frightened by some of those stories, who wouldn’t be, but I was also encouraged because I thought if the enemy exists in that way then so too do the good guys. A kind of confirmation of the reality of spirit.


In France he is known as Saint Gilles. He founded the Abbey of St Gilles in southern France, which is in the UNESCO heritage list.


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