Legend of the Sleepers in Islam

On July 27 the Church celebrates the sainthood of the 7 Sleepers (each one given by name). Interestingly in the Quran they have a similar story of two men who are trapped in a cave during the persecution of Chrstians.

A Muslim friend of mine made it a point for me to check it out where previously I was quite frankly not aware of such Feast (otherwise I wouldn’t have said) that there is no such record of such an event or anything close to it.

To make a long story short what would be the reason for the Qur’an to kind of support Christian belief such as being persecuted?

Any thought on this will be helpful for my further discussions with my good friend.


very interesting story indeed…but it comes from a christian faith and history.

do the muslims have this as a feast day??



Today, July 27, we celebrate the feast day of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus-- Saints Maximian, Malchus, Martinian, Dionysius, John, Serapion, and Constantine—martyrs for the faith. As recorded in the Golden Legend, the story of the Seven Sleepers is one where good men fall asleep, only to wake up to a world changed for the better. Akin to the resurrection of the body, which we shall all experience on earth, the story of the seven sleepers is a foretaste of the glory of the Risen Christ. The Church’s martyrology describes the feast as the “Commemoration of the seven Holy Sleeper of Ephesus, who, it is recounted, after undergoing martyrdom, rest in peace, awaiting the day of resurrection.”

No, muslims do not observe this as a feast day. They don’t have anything like that in Islam

Islam in its beginnings was considered a heresy by both Judaism and Christianity. It was never viewed as a “new religion” by neither.

One of the distinguishing points of Islam noted back then was the over-simplification of the basic tennets of faith of both Judaism and Christianity-topped with it’s “convert by the sword mantra” of, " there is only one God, Allah is his name and his prophet is Muhammad." Or something to that effect.

Truth be known: Jesus Christ is the one, true Lord and God of all and St. John the Baptist is His prophet. There is no greater prophet.

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