"Legendary" Saints

Is it wrong to pray to saints that may have never existed, eg. St. Christopher & St. Ursula? Can you choose them as your confirmation saint?

First of all, you need to be careful about websites and such giving the status of “saints that may have never existed.” Some of the saints that Pope Paul VI removed from the calendar in the 1960s as possibly having “never existed” have been restored to the calendar or at least to the Roman Martyrology; Pope John Paul II restored several of them. St. Ursula was restored to the Roman Martyrology in the early 00’s so she is a legitimate saint of the Church, a young girl who was martyred at Cologne. Some of the pious legends about her, such as her having 11,000 virgin compnions who were martyred with her, are still doubtful because there’s no evidence of that many martyrs having died all at once, but as of now, her existence and martyrdom are accepted by the Church.

Story on St. Ursula’s restoration here:

Regarding St. Christopher, he never stopped being recognized as a saint, even though his feast was removed from the calendar. He is still in the Roman Martyrology and the Church recognizes him as an early Christian martyr about whom not much is known. The pious legend of him being a giant who carried the Christ child across a river may be fictional.

So it’s fine to pray to either of those saints you mentioned. They’re both recognized saints of the Church.

I would further note that there are quite a few parish churches operating that are named after St. Christopher and St. Ursula, and also a sizable religious order called the Ursulines who work as teachers, especially for young girls. The Ursulines were founded by St. Angela Merici who had a strong devotion to St. Ursula.


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