Leggo my Eggo! Kellogg fights waffle shortage

Yahoo! News:

Leggo my Eggo! Kellogg fights waffle shortage

ATLANTA (AP) – Dear Kellogg: Leggo my Eggo!

Kellogg Co. says there will be a nationwide shortage of its popular Eggo frozen waffles until next summer because of interruptions in production at two of the four plants that make them.

The company’s Atlanta plant was shut down for an undisclosed period by a September storm that dumped historic amounts of rain in the area. Meanwhile, several production lines at its largest bakery in Rossville, Tenn., are closed indefinitely for repairs, company spokeswoman Kris Charles said in an e-mail.

It will take until the middle of 2010 before shelves around the country are stocked at pre-shutdown levels, Charles said.
Already customers are noticing near-empty Eggo shelves on the freezer aisle at many grocery stores.

Oh, the humanity!
Will people be forced to eat the old rectangular frozen waffles or to [ulp!] cook breakfast?

Will we now be at the mercy of Eggo-exporting countries?

I had noticed the freezers at Publix have been devoid of Eggo waffles for weeks now and wondered what was up. Worldwide Eggo shortage! What calamity will befall us next??? :eek:

Hint- buy a box of pancake mix and a cheap electric waffle iron (mine cost $3.00 at the thrift shop, I kid you not). They are the easiest thing to make and you will save lots of money.

My husband is so hooked that he learned to make them himself!
And the man has never cooked anything in his life.:thumbsup:

:rotfl: That's the first thing I thought when I saw the article. "Leggo my Eggo!".

Homemade waffles are so much tastier than Eggos, I agree. Though as a kid, I did enjoy Eggo's as a quick snack. I covered mine in peanut butter.

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