Legion of Christ


I just wondered if anyone on the forum knew anyone studying to be a priest of the Legion of Christ or anything about the formation process? I know I should look on their website, and I have, but I wondered if anyone had any first-hand experience of the Legion.

God bless.


I know some truly wonderful priests who belong to the order.
Please do check out their website and call their vocation director


I discerned about joining for about a year. I would say just call or e-mail them, the brothers are very easy to talk with


Or send me a private message (both to the OP or others with questions). I am a Legionary who will be ordained this year.

I would post my e-mail but then I'd get a boatload of spam.

Our formation process is more extended than most because it is adapted to our mission. Right now if you are in the US, you would start at our novitiate in Connecticut and spend 3 years there: 2 as a novice and 1 studying humanities (unless you have a college degree in that area). After that you would study a B.A. in philosophy in Rome. Then you would head out for a few years of ministerial experience (I did 4 but most do 2 or 3). Then come back to Rome for an STB (Bachelor's in Sacred Theology). A large number also do a PhL (a little more than an M.A. in philosophy) or STL (a similar degree in theology) at some point.

Our mission is to help laity become active apostles in the Church.

More info is at our website: legionariesofchrist.org/eng/


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