Legion of Mary members...post here!

Hello all :slight_smile: ,

I’m considering joining the Legion of Mary at my parish. I was hoping there were fellow Legionaries on this board. So if you are a Legionary, please post about your experiences and how the Legion has affected your relationship with Christ.

God Bless :tiphat:

Hi I’ve been a Legion of Mary member for 3 years in London, and I really enjoy it. We meet once a week to pray, and to discuss work we are doing in the parish. we visit people in hospital, taking Holy Communion to those who want it, and we host a faith sharing session for the parish. we are at the disposal of the Parish Priest, to do any suitable work that needs doing.
I would recommend the Legion to anyone who wants to increase their spiritual life, and to do something practical for their fellow human beings. :slight_smile:

Good for you! Jadesfire… you are joining Mary’s Army…

You learn a) humility, tolerance, compassion… patience, and all the virtues of christian living… You get to a) evangelise the unchurch or non catholics, b) counsel the lapse catholics, c) visit the sick and the oppressed and the mentally handicapped, d) bring communion to the sick or the aged, and many others…

I hope you join soon… and May Mother mary intercede for you and yr family. God Bless!!!

I’m belong to the Legion of Mary for the past 15 yrs or so… I just returned after being a lapsed catholic for almost 8 yrs… I believed it was Mary’s call to ask me to come back to her and her Son, Jesus. Before I was in the legion for almost 15 yrs and recently came back… Even some of my legion friends were surprised to see. me … Thank you… Mother Mary and Jesus…

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