Legion of Mary


Is anyone a member? If so, are there any opinions on how to tell if it is a good fit? What do you do on a monthly basis?:)


I am a member. Our praesidium (the smallest division of the Legion, operating at the parish level) operates at a seminary, so we do things slightly differently. Basically, members of the Legion join in prayer with one another by praying certain daily prayers, meeting weekly--and the meeting has a definite structure laid down in the Legion handbook--and most importantly performing the apostolic work assigned to each. Here at the seminary, apostolic works are a part of the formation program for most of us, so we just do our usual apostolics and then bring a report back to the Legion meeting. The apostolic work may vary, such as visiting nursing homes or prisons or hospitals, door-to-door evangelization, youth programs, whatever accords with the needs of the particular area the praesidium operates in and whatever the president or spiritual director deems fit to assign to a member. For more information, visit legionofmary.ie/



Thanks! So is your spiritual director a lay person or a religious and do you have to see this person? Do any people practice True Devotion to Mary?


Our praesidium does not as of yet have a spiritual director but it’s usually a priest, and one who functions as the spiritual director for the whole praesidium. The writings of St. Louis de Montfort are the basis for much of the Legion’s work, so True Devotion is referenced in the handbook.



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