Legion of Mary

Is anyone out there a member of the Legion of Mary?.
I would be interested in hearing about your experiences, especially if you belong to a group that goes door-to-door, evangelizing.


I haven’t joined yet, but I have every intention of doing so soon. While I can’t tell you what it’s like, I can say that the brothers who publish the pamphlets about Legion of Mary are incredibly nice: benetlake.org/ I am curious to hear about others’ experiences too. I don’t think I know a single member of the L of M! Maybe it’s because I’m from the South…?

I am not a member of the adult Legion, however my children are members of the children’s Legion. They absolutely love it. They do not go door to door though. They visit the homebound and nursing homes. They sing songs, visit, and take Communion to residents. Some of the patients they see at some of the nursing homes are in extremely poor condition, some with advanced Alzheimers. They really enjoy visiting these people and pray for them at home. It has been a wonderful blessing in their lives and in their formation to do these works of mercy.

Where can you get more information on the Legion of Mary, how do you become a member?

I just got invited to join the Legio Mariae (actually, my neighbour who’s a member grabbed my hand after Mass, said “There’s a meeting of the Legion of Mary, let’s go”, and pulled me down to the church basement… :rotfl: ) but I haven’t made up my mind yet. It seems like the answer to some of my prayers, though… :thumbsup: (I especially love the orderliness of it, because on my own I’m a disaster…)

I just said the Catena for the first time (outside the meeting) today! Yay!

I don’t think our praesidium goes door-to-door, though. From what I gathered, they visit parishioners, visit at the local senior’s care home/hospital and take Communion to them, spend some time with people praying and talking, organize the Virgin Mary “pilgrim statue” that goes from home to home, stuff like that I guess… Anyway, so far I’ve only heard (read) good things from them on this forum. Anything we should be weary of?

We have it in our parish, and I tried to enlist their help in our evangelization & home visit project, but they only meet once a week for the rosary, about 5-6 people, and do not care to be any more active than that. At least they are going to support us with prayer, which is certainly crucial, but the LM website seems to imply the organizations original purpose was evangelization.


for more info on the Legion of Mary, check their official website in Ireland: legion-of-mary.ie/

If you look on the left-hand side of the page, there are links to some of their publications, including their handbook.

Another good site about the Legion is Father Peffley’s website: legionofmary.org/

Jennifer :slight_smile:

I was a member about 10 yrs ago… very good… most of the members very devoted… visting the sick, evangelising… counseling… every time you hear their reports, very motivating… doing works of God…

I have prayed with the Legion in our parish. They are required to do some good in the parish each week and report on it at their meetings. They have been a great help in bringing Communion to the local rest home patients on Sunday.

Deacon Tony

We used to have a grpup in our parish. I was a member for near 20 years. We could not recruit new members and had to give it up. We did door to door visitation. There was a requirement that active members did two hrs. a week work ie. home visitation, hospital and nursing home visits etc. I am our parish’'s RCIA director so my work was with the RCIA. There was also a weekly meeting to attend and prayers said daily. I would recommend giving it a try.

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