Legislation to make killing fetuses a crime in Florida awaits Gov. Rick Scott’s signature


TALLAHASSEE — Harming a fetus while committing a crime — no matter how small the embryo — would carry stiffer penalties under a proposed law now awaiting Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s signature.

The legislation approved Wednesday by the Senate is modeled after a federal law used to bring charges against John Andrew Welden, the Tampa man who tricked ex-girlfriend Remee Jo Lee into taking an abortion drug that caused her to miscarry a 7-week-old embryo.

Florida would join 23 states that allow offenders to be charged separately for causing the death of a fetus at any stage of development. Under current Florida law, charges can only be brought in the death of fetuses that could have survived outside of the womb and only in cases of vehicular homicide, DUI manslaughter and killing by injury to the mother.



The House Vote went 74-42 with 73 Votes Republican and 1 Democrat voting in favor it and no Republicans voting against it.

Yeah Republicans aren’t really serious about abortion.


Or Civil Rights for that matter:

The Real History of Civil Rights Support - Republicans 94% / Democrats 35%

1854 Republican Party formed to “Stop the spread of slavery”, Democratic Party was Pro-Slavery.

1854 Republican Party Opposes Kansas-Nebraska Act upholding slavery.

1863 Abraham Lincoln (Republican) issues Emancipation Proclamation to free the slaves.

1865 13th Amendment passes abolishing slavery - Republicans 100% / Democrats 23%

1865 KKK launches as the “Terrorist Arm” of the Democratic Party

1866 Republican Party passes Civil Rights Act for freed slaves

1868 14th Amendment makes freed slave US Citizens - Republicans 94% / Democrats 0%

1870 15th Amendment passes for slaves to vote - Republicans 100% / Democrats 0%

1871 Republicans pass The Anti-KKK Act

1875 First Anti-Ciscrimination Law in America - Republicans 99% / Democrats 0%

1909 NAACP is created by three Republicans; Mary White Ovington, William English Walling and Henry Moskowitz (I bet nobody knew that!)

1914 Democrat President Woodrow Wilson segregates Federal Gov & US Military

1915 Democrats showcase first movie ever shown in the White House “Birth of a Nation” praising the KKK

1922 Republicans pass first Anti-Lynching Law - Republicans 92% / 18%

1957 First Civil Rights Law in 82 years - Republicans 92% / Democrats 54%

1960 Civil Rights Act of 1960 - Republicans 93% / Democrats 68%

1963 Republican Martin Luther King Jr. gives his “I Have A Dream Speech”

1964 Civil Rights Act of 1964 - Republicans 80% / Democrats 63%

1983 Martin Luther King Day signed into law by Republican President Ronald Reagan

1990 Americans with Disabilities Act signed by Republican George H W Bush

1991 Civil Rights Act of 1991 signed by Republican George H W Bush
Note: Both 1990 & 1991 Acts are recognized as the most Pro-Civil Rights Acts in decades
2007 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act pushed by George W. Bush, to create a citizenship path for undocumented immigrants as well as guest workers. Act was derailed by Democrats

Found on AdvancedChristianity.com


This is fantastic. Also as I recall, John Adams did not own slaves - Thomas Jefferson did. And kudos to Florida Republicans. One step at a time …


Wait, I think 10 Republicans in Nevada backpedaled on abortion. Therefore the entire party is backpedaling. Ignore the pro-life votes by 99% of Republicans. What matters are the 1%.



This is meaningless.


No its not. Anything that highlights the value of the life of the unborn - as distinct from the mother - is not meaningless.



I’m very happy to see that this law passed the vote.


Many liberal teachers in public schools tell the students that Abraham Lincoln owned slaves. I think they try to tarnish him because he was a Republican. In reality land, Lincoln never owned slaves, but his wife’s family did, and liberals try to tie that to him personally. He lived in Illinois, which was always a free state. All Lincoln’s writings heavily criticized slavery.


I wonder how the one Democrat who voted with the Republicans will be treated by his party.


From the standpoint that it’s always been a crime to abort another’s kid, for sure.


One thing the progressives “get” that conservatives tend not to is the concept of picking the low hanging fruit to move your agenda forward. Yes, this seems like a minor step, but it sets the stage for “it’s illegal to kill the fetus in a crime, why shouldn’t it be otherwise”. Good for them. I hope the Governor signs it.


Hopefully well! It wouldn’t hurt to have prolifers in both parties pushing the prolife agenda. That’s what one of my old Sierra Club buddies used to tell me. ("You’re a Republican - do realize how rare it is to be a pro-environment Republican!!?? Write your congressman! And I did.) Prolife democrats are an extinct species. The party is just too toxic right now. Maybe they’ll make a comeback - here’s a prayer we can get things moving in blue states somehow.


ELECTED Prolife democrats are an extinct species.


And pro-life Democrat voters are too small to make a difference - unless they cast their votes for the Republican - then they could have a significant effect on the election. I hope they decide to do that someday.



Remember Bart Stupak falling for the Abortion Messiah’s public Executive Order lie? Obama promised Stupak no government money for abortion. Then immediately started giving half a billion a year to Planned Parenthood.


Exactly. And that is the problem with Democrat “pro-life” politicians - their party is dominated by secular leftists who have no reason at all to compromise with them. They need to face the fact that they don’t belong in the secular left party dominated by Hollywood liberals, gay lobby and the abortion lobby. Why do they stay Democrats I wonder. The dark side of the Democrat party must have a strong attraction to them.



You do realize there is a difference between “Republican” and “conservative,” right?

Sure, Republicans freed the slaves: Northern liberal Republicans. And yes, Democrats founded the Klan: Southern conservative Democrats. Same people, different party.

Take a look at the votes for the Civil Rights Act sometime. It didn’t pass along party lines, but along geographic lines. In the former Confederacy, it was overwhelmingly rejected by both Democrats and Republicans. Everywhere else, it passed overwhelmingly.

If you take a look at what many early Republicans stood for, I think you’ll find they weren’t conservatives. Especially for the time. Let’s not forget too quickly that the ancestors of today’s Southern conservatives were Democrats mostly because it *wasn’t *the “party of Lincoln,” and for the obvious reason.


I see you are bilingual Ishii! English and Sarcasm!! Its the best bilingualism out there!!!


Its a bit silly to compare Republicans of the 1800’s with Republicans now because the issues were very different. Furthermore “liberal” Republicans in the northeast during the 1800’s can’t really be compared to “liberals” of today - again, the issues are different.


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