Legitimacy of the Financial Blessings Prayer to the Three Archangels


I went to mass today and a fellow Catholic man gave me a piece of paper with a prayer on it titled, “Financial Blessings Prayer To St. Michael, St. Gabriel, And St. Raphael”. I looked it up because there are some elements about this prayer that seems to be a little bit off. I found the exact same prayer on a website called praywithme .com. I just want to know if this prayer is in line with the teachings of the Catholic church because there are a couple of elements that seem pretty superstitious. If anyone can help shed some light on my skepticism and uncertainty I would greatly appreciate it. I also would like to know if this praywithme .com is in line with the teachings of the Church. Thank you and God bless!

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Can you please post a link to the exact prayer?
I looked on praywithme.com and it had several prosperity prayers, none of which mentioned angels and all of which looked pretty benign.

Also it would help if you said what parts of the prayer seemed superstitious or otherwise bothered you.


Not sure if new members can post links? :thinking:

Anyway, here’s a link to the prayer:

Without even clicking on the link, you can see the superstitious nature of it – the 3 candles, the sugar, the water, the wishes.

Um, no. Just no.

@Thad That’s not how Catholics view prayer. We don’t believe that if we set things up the right way that we can control God.

The first part of the prayer has some problems.

But the part beginning at “Heavenly Father” is just fine theologically.


Personally I would just stick with the rosary, or the Stations of the Cross, or just spending some time in the adoration chapel entrusting my temporal needs to God.


Thanks. I definitely did not see that prayer on my first look at Praywithme site. I can see why the OP had a problem with it. I wouldn’t want to say it either.


Don’t touch that prayer with a ten foot pole. White plates, white candles and sugar? That reeks of new age nonsense. You were right to be wary of it.


This is not Catholic. it sounds very new age.

and new age is of the devil


The candles, sugar and water are weird.
It’s like someone wanted to bake a cake for someone’s birthday but missed a whole lot of steps.

No, seriously, that is weird and not necessary.




Thank you for confirming my initial thoughts about this prayer. I knew something wasn’t right when I saw the candles, sugar, and cup of water thing and the explanation that this would make the Archangels give you whatever you wanted. I just wanted to confirm the heretical nature of this strange prayer. I also noticed that this “Praywithme” website allows people to post their own prayers on it in order to share them with others. After looking at this website, I have concluded that it is anything but a website that is in line with the teachings of the Church. It seems to be very new age and one might say “trendy”. Thank you again for helping me clarify the danger of this “Genie in a bottle” prayer.

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