Legitimate Christian Rap Artist

So, I’m by no means a rap or hip-hop fan whatsoever BUT, this year a few of my friends discovered by FAR the best and most profound Christian rapper I have ever heard by the name of Lecrae.
He’s not Catholic, but he definitely blows any Christian rapper I’ve heard out of the water.
Two of his songs:
Prayin For You

I just thought I’d share this with you all because its nice to hear someone speaking about God through an art form often tainted by poor morals.

Lecrae is my favorite Christian rapper. His latest album “Rebel” is my favorite Christian Rap album I have ever heard.

My brother and I (rap names Elijah and Elisha) are Catholic rappers and we are working on an album.

Check us out if you want www.myspace.com/twinrecords

We have a “Lecrae” style but more Catholic rather than Protestant.

God bless you!


I definitely appreciate what you guys are doing! Keep it up! :clapping:

I am someone who normally HATES rap OK? I was pleasantly surprised to find music that was actually musical and not just an annoying beat box. The guys can actually sing, a really rare commodity in the rap world. Other than Fr Stan’s stuff, most of the rap and hip hop type stuff is usually bad poetry set to bad music you guys were different. The lyrics were actually intellegable and not embarrassing. Stuff I can approve of,good use of poetry and images and catholic. PS you don’t look like twins, are those your real names?

Thanks Scottywolf for your support.

Our real names are not Elijah and Elisha, those are just our stage names (rap stage!).

Grace and peace.

By the way, I love Fr Stan’s music!


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