Length of daily TLM

How long does a typical daily TLM (I am going to assume it is a Low Mass) generally last? We have one available here at 7am a couple times a week and I have thought about going but I do have to be at work by 8 (thankfully nearby).

Usualy, a daily traditional Mass is a Low Mass. It might or might not have a sermon, and it does the sermon is often very short. The number of communicants is also smaller on weekdays.

Lets say, just under an hour with a sermon and about 45 minutes without.

I could be wrong though.

I went to one here in Cleveland. Yes it was Low Mass, but there was no sermon, so it only lasted about 1/2 hr. It is about the same length as the daily Pauline Rite Mass. Oh, also, the priest did not read the epistle and gospel in English, only in Latin. At the Sunday Mass, he reads the epistle and gospel first in Latin at the altar and then in English at the pulpit. Plus, there is a sermon on Sunday. You might want to take your Missal to daily TLM, otherwise you probably won’t know what the epistle and gospel were.

In Phoenix, our daily TLM Low Mass is 45-50 minutes without a sermon. Ordinarily, it does not include a sermon. The priest is aware folks need to get to work.

A Sunday Low Mass is usually about 1 hr. and 20 minutes. A High Mass is a little longer.

Ditto…since 2001!
On Saturday they usually have a Litany which can last another 8 min.

If the priest skips the sermon and reading the Scriptures in English, then it is probably 40-45 minutes.

How wonderful for you that your Masses last that long :slight_smile:

I wish the ones I go to last as long as that.

The Mass just seems to go by too quickly at the Indult I go to. (Missa Cantata lasting around 1hr 10 minutes.)

There’s a 7:15 am Tue - Fri Low Mass near where I work and it’s typically finished between 7:50 and 7:55, though once in a while we get a visiting priest who is finished by 7:45 am (but that is rare).

Try it out. You can always leave early if you have to. I’m sure they will understand.

I’ve been to priests’ private masses, which last about 25 minutes. They don’t feel rushed, and (if you’re lucky), you can barely hear a single word! :thumbsup: Just the way I like it!

For me, it’s either the Low Mass in the pretty little side chapel, or the Pontifical Masses with some sacred polyphonic music (very liberal I know), and lots of incense! Both are amazing.

30-45 minutes on the average I’d guess without the sermon. But on wekdays there seldom was a sermon anyway…

The length of your Masses do seem rather long.
I can remember back in the late 50’s that our Sunday Masses were scheduled for 6,7,8,9,10,11and 12:10.The Mass was said and completed in time for people to leave and clear the parking lot in time for the next Masses participants to come park their car and enter the Church. I’m sure we must of had really short homilies then.

Well, Fr. Denis was out of town so we had an older priest saying the Mass. I was hoping there would have been other people there, but as it was, I was the only other person other than the priest and server. Since this was my forst Low Mass, I had no idea when to stand, kneel, sit etc. I had the “red” book but it only has actions indicated for High Mass (it would say something like, at this point stand if High Mass, not much help for Low Mass).

I hope to attend the TLM a few times a week. Now don’t anyone get excited, I am not going to become a TLM only type traditionalist, I think both Liturgies are “imperfect” but are competely and wholly valid, I just feel they could be “improved” somehow, perhaps merged. I wish I could see the Mass as it was celebrated between 1963 and 1971, perhaps there was something we overlooked.


I think you may change after a while.

I did.

So did I, sort of. The first time I went to a Low Mass I thought it was nice, but it didn’t blow me out of the water. When I attended my first High Mass, however, complete with Gregorian chant, I was hooked. Unfortunately, although I live near an indult parish which offers 6 TLMs a week (mostly Low with a High the first Sunday of each month) my schedule does not permit me to go very often. Therefore I generally attend an NO on Sundays. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a reverent NO. I just don’t think that there’s any comparison with a High TLM in terms of beauty.

Nope. Your right.

The daily TLM’s in my parish are about 45 minutes long.

Where were these Masses scheduled in this fashion? I would be real interested in knowing. I served many Masses from the early 50’s through the early 60s and there was really no way this could have been done. Sorry. You have arrived late in this forum. Speed masses of the sort you are attempting to describe have been thouroughly discussed ad nauseum here. We’ve already pretty well demolished the myth of 15, 10, 7 and 5 minute speed Masses on this forum.

But in the interest of fairness, if you would give me the name of the Parish and the diocese, I will make use of my above average investigative skills and find out if this was indeed the case. If I am wrong I will post a retraction of what I have said.

There are side Altars though palmas.

The majority of Masses on such a schedule would probably have been Low Masses.

I’m just speculating though.

Lover of Jesus, I also remember that Masses in the 1950’s and early 1960’s were scheduled on the hour. Our parish had two priests, and we had Masses at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00,10:00 and 11:00. I graduated from hight school in 1965 so I was old enough at the time to know! I think that all of the parishes in our area had similar schedules. Since VII I have only had the opportunity to attend the TLM once, last summer, and the Mass was quite long, but it was on the feast of Pentecost. Our home diocese is Arlington, VA, and we live in Israel where there is no TLM as far as I know. I do not remember ever hearing the gospel and epistle read in Latin, only in English. When I went to First Friday Mass as a child it never lasted more than 30 minutes, and the Sunday Masses lasted less that an hour in order for the next Mass to start on time. Our last Sunday Mass was at 11:00, and it was a High Mass. If it lasted longer than an hour it didn’t matter. When I read how long the Masses discribed by the other posters were lasting, I was surprized. I never thought that our Masses were irreverent, and on Sundays we always had a sermon. I was always able to pray along with the priest as the sisters had taught us to do. I am looking forward to our next trip home so that I can attend the TLM again, unless the Moto Proprio comes out sooner!

As I mentioned before our Sunday Masses were scheduled on the hour . I never thought of these as speed Masses but just as normal Holy Low Masses. I believe they were reverent and not rushed. I think the homilies were probably fairly short, I think now days many priest think they have to have a long homily to have a good effective one, I think sometimes the opposite may be true.

I attended a parish in Houston Texas, we had usually 6- 8 priest there at any one time ( Basilian Order). I have fond memories as an altar boy,although I was never really great with my Latin responses,but I tried. I really do miss the use of the altar rail.

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