Lenient and Severe Judgment

I do not question God’s judgment (I am but a creature) but, when we must be judged, is He more lenient with some and more severe with others? For example, you have person A, a poor young widow who loves God with all her heart but reluctantly cheats the tax man to have enough money to feed her children, and person B, a young man who has been given everything he could possibly want and, therefore, because he does not have the worries of ordinary men, has more time to concentrate on God. Would God judge both these people by the same measure or would he take into account the fact person A had a significantly harder life which pushed her at times to commit sin when she really did not want to?

God judges based on many things. Only he knows the deck of cards everyone is playing with. It could be the woman too proud for housing assistance and food stamps that would of given her children more food and security than cheating on taxes. Being poor does not give one right to commit a crime.

It could be that the young man obtained his wealth because he was severely and permanently injured and could do little else than focus on God. Being wealthy dosn’t mean that life is easy.

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God sees the hearts, souls and minds of each of us and KNOWS ALL of the circumstances. That’s why HE is the ONLY judge.

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