Lennart Nilsson, photographer of life in the womb, dies at 94


Lennart Nilsson, a Swedish photographer who unveiled unborn life in electrifying images that were splashed across Life magazine, filled hours of acclaimed documentary films and decades later still brim with scientific, artistic and moral significance, died Jan. 28 at a nursing home in Stockholm. He was 94.




“Although claiming to show a living fetus, Nilsson actually photographed aborted ones obtained from women who terminated their pregnancies under Swedish law. Working with dead embryos allowed Nilsson to experiment with lighting, background and positions, such as placing the thumb into the fetus’ mouth. But the origin of the pictures was rarely mentioned, even by anti abortion activists, who in the 1970s appropriated these icons.[3] However, this is disputed, since according to himself his specimens were taken from ectopic pregnancies surgically removed.”



When Dr. Nathan Abramson (sp) traveled to see for himself, he repented of his support for abortion, converted to Catholicism and spent the rest of his life trying to correct the horrendous error he made in helping to legalize baby killing, first in new York, then nationwide.


Wikipedia is not the best source. Liberals constantly seek to update the truth out of existence.


His photographs vividly showed that the preborn are human beings, not a clump of cells, yet the pro-abortion people fail to see that.


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