Lent 2019 - Who's ready?


On the lighter, more humorous side of things, exactly 4 weeks from today is Ash Wednesday. Who, here, is ready for Lent?


Oh, hon, I’m not even ready for last Advent yet. :rofl:


I’m looking forward to it, and it’ll be my first time observing lent as a convert


If you can get some GOOD “Way of the Cross” booklets say the “Way of the Cross” with your family on Fridays or in Church if offered. We do this as a family and it brings to mind the suffering and death of Our Lord throughout Lent.


I’m looking forward to Lent. Every Lent I think of something to do and never do it or I give up something in theory but then never actually stop. So I never take Lent seriously and I never feel any growth or deeper faith from it. Usually a dread Lent.

But this year I really want to focus on the infinite mercies of Jesus found in the cross and in confession and really take my anxiety right to the foot of the cross


Ready for Lent?.. No, but I have been thinking about it. There are a group of us at work (I work in an ER) who have been talking about Lent and thinking about what to do to prepare. I have started a period of attending Mass daily and when I cannot doing an hour of Adoration. I think that I will continue that during lent, but also will “fast” from sweets. Like others I say I will fast but struggle so much to do so. It is a discipline in which I would like to grow. Again, just musings. I’ll see where it goes.

Also considering improving family prayer…


Getting there


I´m sort of ready, but I need to improve myself when it comes to dedicating more time in prayer etc. - one of the sins I quite recently confessed.


Maybe it is time to put the Christmas chrech away but the flowers still look nice…


I’m ready. I love lent, the seriousness, it puts me into focus on how much the Lord loves us. Ash Wednesday…The stations of the cross weekly…The Passion reading(s) on Palm Sunday-Good Friday (although not actually during lent) The Violet vestments, the covering of all the statues. It’s a simple, not so up-beat time. I don’t like chaos anyway. Lol. It makes mass seem more valuable, still in communion without so many “distractions” :joy: Not consuming meat on Fridays, Holy Week, there are so many things I like about Lent. :blush:


Yeah, even in the Extraordinary Form, the last day of the Christmas Season was this past Saturday (February 2 (The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord)). Whether you follow that calendar or the one for the Ordinary Form (Which ended with the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord (This year, that day was Sunday, January 13)), the Christmas decorations should go down.


Palm Sunday is during Lent. However, Good Friday is part of the Triduum.


As an added bonus, on Laetare Sunday (The Fourth Sunday of Lent), the priest has the option to wear rose.

Also, during Holy Week, we can eat meat, except on Good Friday, and we’re encouraged to not eat meat on Holy Saturday (as well as to continue the fast from Good Friday), in continuation.


I know that. I mistyped. The point I was making is that I like lent.


Again I mistyped :joy: Not consuming meat on Fridays and Holy week were two different things I like


This Lent will be interesting! My ex-Presbyterian wife has never done any Lenten disciplines but will be observing the season with me this year (we’re giving up alcohol, and she’s giving up television). She’s still skeptical of the whole concept, but is going along with it for me.


Never thought about “getting ready” for Lent…always saw Lent as a period of preparation…so, should I get ready to get ready?:sunglasses:


I’m ready. It will be a good time for me to get back with the program and more in touch with things spiritual. Besides my regular charitable contributions, I really enjoy giving alms to strangers. During the regular part of the year I never give cash to any person who asks me for it, but when Lent rolls around I joyfully pull out a twenty and give it to the person who asked for it with no questions asked. Just a hearty “God bless you brother” and I am off on my merry way.


I’m ready. I was listening to a YouTube video of Fr. Ripperger’s and he mentioned if you want to have the most productive Lent of your life, to ask your Guardian Angel and Our Lady of Sorrows to humiliate you interiorly every day for Lent. You don’t even have to do anything else like give something else up but it won’t be easy either. I’m going to try it.


Interesting difference between the Latin seasons and the Byzantine. In the Byzantine Catholic calendar the Great Fast begins on Clean Monday and ends on Friday before Lazarus Saturday and Palm (Flowery) Sunday. Lazarus Saturday is after Lent and before Passion Week which begins on Palm Sunday (actually Saturday evening Vespers). Byzantine Great and Holy Friday has no Divine Liturgy or Eucharist. There is still fast and abstinence in Passion Week.

2019 – March 4: Clean Monday, March 6: Ash Wednesday.

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