Lent 2019 - Who's ready?


The sudden start of a different season in our liturgical cycle with Ash Wednesday and going through the fasting on that day,way of the cross every Fridays, and ending with the celebrations of the Holy week always make me feel that the period of lent is entirely a different period as compared to others and during which our prayers are expected to be more towards betterment of our own individual and personal attributes for pleasing God than for a general happiness all over the world.I am particularly moved by the Bible reading on Ash Wednesday according to which the King himself on hearing about the imminent punishment of God swiftly and boldly changed his dress,put on ashes and sat on fast for the benefit of his people.Will we ever get such a Ruler?


I am honestly focused on taking it one day at a time, with Jesus.


I am ready! I’ve been increasing my prayers, and I’m going to try a stricter fast than what I normally do. I also am going to go through the book of Exodus in slow, methodical way.


I’m not even remotely ready. I don’t even know how to get ready. :pensive:


Maybe I’ll get back to my reading. I have several Catholic books I’ve bought with good intentions but haven’t read. Some I never opened. And it wouldn’t be just reading. When I read such books, I tend to reflect on the text and my life, and come away changed for the better. Lent is a good reminder to set aside the time for this.


Your comment really inspires me, Odilon. I say it to my shame, but I’m not very good at giving to random strangers; over Lent I shall work on this.

I’ve always loved Lent. Not that I always keep the resolutions I make on Ash Wednesday, but I try, and I actually enjoy the weeks of serious thinking about the Passion (and what follows after it!). It seems especially important in our rather frivolous modern culture.

As for reading, I have several books lined up, first and foremost of which is Dante’s Commedia - it’s been several years since I’ve read it. Also plan to read the book of Acts (again, it’s been a while), and, if I really get myself in gear, The Fire of Love by St John of the Cross. Love St John.


I’m not even ready for it to be 2019 and it’s already February. I’m grateful we won’t have a VaLENTines Ash Wednesday this time and I always look forward to Lent.


I love Lent and LOVE Pascha! It really helps me reset and to remember that we can live a little lent through the year! There is something magical (the Holy Spirit :wink:) about Lent, leading up to Pascha.

Favorite time of year!


Don’t worry. There is nothing to “get ready.” I think it mostly means, do you know what you will be doing differently during Lent, to prepare for Easter.

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