Lent Fasting, Feast Days and Solemnities


Just a quick question; I’ve done a brief search but the topics I found covered abstinence and solemnities on a Friday, but in a conversation today a friend of mine was adamant that other solemnities during Lent over-ride his Lenten fast. i.e. he has given up all meat during Lent, but insists that feast days and solemnities during Lent, such as St Joseph last week, and the Annunciation tomorrow, operate in the same way as Sundays, and therefore there is no need to fast.

Now, before anyone gets too serious on this, the discussion was light-hearted, and I ask more from curiosity than any over-riding desire for me or he to break our Lent fasting. But it would be nice to know what is what. Can anyone shed any light on this?


I think your friend is correct. Solemnities are generally joyful days, not days of fasting. Many people relax their Lenten penances on the feasts of St. Joseph and the Annunciation.


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