Lent & Fasting Rules

Do the rules of fasting (2 small meals, one regular meal) apply everyday of lent? Or just on Ash Wednesday, and Good Friday?

I wasn’t sure, and couldn’t really find anything on my Diocese Website, or online.

Perhaps someone on here could answer, thanks in advance for the replies.

If you’re in the US:



Just Ash Wednesday & Good Friday.

NOTE: it’s is actually one meal and “two smaller meals that together are not equal to a full meal.”

  • Think: a piece of bread or an apple.

NOW - there are SOME people who fast on every Wednesday & Friday of Lent. They do it as a form of penance. While what they do is awesome, it is above the call of what is required.

God bless

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Dang spiritual overachievers!

Actually, I think all the saints were spiritual overachievers.

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Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are days of fasting. The other Fridays of Lent are all days of abstinence from meat (in the US, at least).

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Ah ok, I just thought maybe all days were days of fasting because in have seen questions like ‘Are Sunday’s considered days of lent’ so I maybe figured since Sunday’s are feast days, then maybe I thought all days were fast days.

So if I understand correctly, I can eat like I normally do tomorrow?

Then on Friday’s I abstain from meat, But all other days of the week it’s permitted?

Thanks for the quick, and detailed reply by the way. God Bless.

I’m in Canada, so I’d assume our rules regarding fasting are quite similar.

But I have found out that even on Friday’s in lent we don’t need to abstain from meat, as long as we give something else up. Whatever it is that may be is up to the individual.

Thanks for the link by the way. God Bless.

Correct, you can eat normally tomorrow.

Correct. Only on Fridays do you have to abstain from meat. But from what I understand, in Canada, people can eat meat if they give up something else. However, my recommendation to you is to give up eating meat (unless you don’t really eat meat anyway).

BTW - SOME people also abstain from meat on all Wednesdays too. But that is above & beyond.

You are very welcome & God bless

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Ok, that’s much more clear now.

I would abstain from meats, on Friday’s, but my family doesn’t really practice so they may not know.

So I usually say extra prayers, and I don’t drink coffee on Fridays, which I usually do. On Friday during Lent, I’ll maybe add something else as well.

Sorry to bother again, but are Friday’s during Lent also fast days where the 2 small meals, one regular meal rules apply?

I talked to my priest and he said Friday’s are fast days, and Ash Wednesday. But I have been told by others that Friday’s are days of abstinence only, and not fasting.

Unless you live in the Archdiocese of Ottawa where, for the last several years, Archbishop Prendergast has mandated abstaining from meat on all Fridays of Lent.

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I think I’m in the Diocese of Calgary. It says:

“Ash Wednesday, and Good Friday are universal days of fasting and abstinence from meat, and all fridays are days of abstinence from meat, in Canada Catholics may substitute special acts of charity or piety on this day. (Ordo, note 29b, and 29d)”

It doesn’t say all Fridays of Lent are days of fasting, but my priest said that today. I wasn’t sure wether he made a mistake or if he was right I’m not sure.

You will have to ask him to be 100% what he meant.

However, my guess it that he either misspoke or you misunderstood him.

Some people will inaccurately say that we are supposed to “fast from meat” on Fridays during lent instead of saying “abstain from meat”

Perhaps he was simply using the word “fast” instead of “abstain”?

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Us Byzantine Catholics are obliged to abstain from meat on all Wednesdays and Fridays throughout Great Lent. (That is the period from Clean Monday - two days before Ash Wednesday - through Friday before Lazarus Saturday.)

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Possibly. Because I haven’t found anywhere that we’re obliged to fast (2 smaller meals 1 regular meal) on all Friday’s. Only on Good Friday, and Ash Wednesday.

He’s also from the Philippines, and English isn’t his first language (I’m assuming), so that may be why he said fast instead of abstain.

I’m fasting every Friday for a good reason. As a vegetarian, abstaining from meat is not a form of penance, its what I do every day. My priest advised that I should substitute something else.

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I wish we Latin Catholics would return to that

There’s nothing stopping you. Medical reasons aside, of course

Of course. However, I meant as a Church, not as individuals

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