Lent: Hope for Divorced Catholics


Another seasonal drive-by posting for divorced Catholics.

If you were considering just how much suffering you could possibly endure then it can quite possibly be an appropriate time of the year for discerning all the possibilities. Christ says that you can surely endure more than you may realize.

Attend mass faithfully throughout Holy Week and be still……and listen to Him.

Fine-tune your perspective. Ask yourself where your hope lies. It is an understatement to acknowledge that emotional and material aspects of divorce can be stressful. However, the more that those things dominate your everyday thoughts the more you lose traction on what brings you true fulfillment; Christ. Our Savior, our Hope.

I know it can seem insurmountable when despair appears to be a dominant force and an insurmountable barrier to future happiness. Maybe try to ascertain just what you consider to be “happiness” and evaluate what inspires you to succumb to that aspiration. If your attraction to that “happiness” is propelled by those things that are poor substitutes for faith in Christ, then pray for the grace to find Him in your life.

There are no simple answers as tests and trials will be pending for what may seem an eternity. But there is a simple choice; go to Him as he asked….like a child. Trust Him. Heart, hope, and faith are more resilient and fulfilling than idle thoughts of despair and anxiety. “Knowing” His Presence will enable you to focus on direction. Clinging to consuming emotions can prevent such a commitment.

The other things won’t slip away under your nose….believe it; the battle will always be there, regretfully. But you will endure it with liberation as opposed to bondage. You are not alone and without purpose. Your desire will lead you to fulfillment. It has to. Because the truth is always the same and will never change; you were made for Him. You see…simple.

Go to mass. Be aware of His Presence. Trust Him.

God bless you all this Lenten season,


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