Lent in lockdown

Ok guys anyone else struggling with this? The first year I have ever “done Lent” and a global pandemic breaks out!

I was doing pretty good with Lent - it was a bit difficult some days but mostly ok.

Now I can’t do the things that distracted me when it became more difficult (work, church, walks, runs, seeing friends) I’m struggling. Actually counting the days down to Easter time but probably not for the right reasons.

I’m really surprised how much self discipline I need right now and it’s pretty stupid stuff I’ve given up. I really thought I’d got this but I actually don’t.

Tips for a Lent in lockdown newbie?


This lockdown is quintessentially Lenten. In fact, I don’t think it’s an accident that it’s happening during Lent! It is forcing us to engage in self-denial and stay humble in the process. Simply ask God how you can use this experience for Him.


I hear ya, it’s like Lent Plus!

I think a lot of it is the aspect of not being in control of it. I chose what I would do for Lent and now it’s turned into something much more difficult.

It has pushed me towards praying more/differently but I’ve not really prayed much about it, you’re right though I should.

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Don’t become focused on what you’ve given up (unless it’s gravely sinful!). Instead focus the time you have on prayer. Maybe that will be a distraction! Make prayer the #1 thing you do every day! It’s hard, but the more you tell yourself to do it and the more you hear from others, the more likely you are to start!


Well I’ve definitely got the time!

I think the timing is perfect.

It drives home the fact that there is much that the human race is not in control of in spite of our vaunted science.

There are forces of nature out there that outclass us by a large margin. There is so much of the world that we don’t know.

It keeps us humble.

This is the purpose of Lent, to keep us humble.

The world is going through this together and I hope it pulls us together. Unity in the face of a single threat not divided by our petty squabbles and wars.


I have managed to do well this Lent since the lockdown (although I HATE not being able to go to Mass).
I stream Bishop Barron’s Mass on YouTube, I say the rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet every day and so spiritual reading. I go to Benediction at a local community of priests - they can’t say public Mass but they can have holy hours, vespers and Benediction.
I hope we can get back to normal soon. I really miss Mass!


Look at what God has given you.
Family time.
Fewer distractions.
More opportunities for prayer and reflection.


Use this lockdown and absence of what Lent normally holds for us and offer it up for the world in need.

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Actually the pandemic is said to explode during Easter and so the lockdown might still be in place then so you can’t just count your days all the way to Easter this time around.
One tip is getting busy - wash, clean, cook, do things that don’t let much time for you to dwell into your own thoughts. And don’t expect it to be easy so you can’t regret on missing out anything. It is as it is.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate all your suggestions and advice you’ve all been really helpful.

It’s still difficult and I’m very much used to relying on myself to get through things so am surprised how hard Lent has become!

Reflecting on all this I feel like now I’m not “doing” all the time maybe I’m being pushed towards just “being”. It could be good time to slow down and try to listen to God more in prayer. I’m better at talking to/at Him than listening! :see_no_evil:

I suspect there’s some things I probably don’t want to hear and manage to distract myself from in normal life.

Hope you’re all doing ok too in these crazy times :heartbeat:

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I really miss Mass and Adoration too - the rhythm of my week is built around it.

I’m lucky my parish is streaming daily Mass even though the buildings are shut down. It’s pretty sad how empty it sounds too.

We are using the Father Barron Mass at our home as well. The website is World on Fire, if anyone is interested. It is wonderful.

Our diocese closed the churches just yesterday. I was not pleased. A huge church is not danger of infection with ten people at a time in it. We are at least putting our Mass on YouTube, filming the day before. It seems odd, but is the best we can do. I am one of the lucky few to get to go to Mass to make the video.

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We’re all lockdown noobies, unless we’re from a country where Christianity is banned or lived in a gulag.

But yeah, I miss Mass and confession terribly.

I watched Mass For Shut In’s on the Internet.
Continuing my daily rosary and divine mercy chaplet.

Easter gonna be strange.


I will tend to office work on files I brought home for the occasion, work (the courts are still open so I will have to make some appearances) brush up on my cooking skills, and watch my Blu-Ray and DVD Collection.

On spiritual matters, I will try to follow live masses (such as on EWTN), pray the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and read through my theological library

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Ah I’m a Lent noob too.

Yeah Easter is gonna be an internet event :confused: I guess

For we essential employees, we keep going working more hours than usual and try not to be a bit envious of our non-essential co-workers who are getting a break. Believe me, this is penitential!

And, Arby’s Drive Thru fish sandwich on Fridays :slight_smile:

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Nice post, @Sarcelle!

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Thank you.

Social isolation gave me the chance to think about the bigger picture, beyond the white noise of daily living before the pandemic.


As one who almost lives like a hermit anyway, this social isolation thing is a cakewalk. It will be a blessing to not hear them singing Dan Schutte’s Let Us Ever Glory… at the conclusion of the Good Friday service.

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