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I have giving up Coffee and Soda for lent. But I am having a problem. I am starting a job Monday that means I will need to get up around 5am. I have been tring to adjest my sleep so I can get up early but with no caffine its not working. I thought about drinking a cup or 2 of Coffee in the morning but still not drink Soda and not have coffee anytime except in the morning. Can I do this?


Hmmm, well you have a few options. I don’t think it is a matter of you “can’t” do it. It is a personal decision (with God) you have made to give up soda and coffee. If you feel that you need to adjust it because of your new job, I don’t think this is inherently “wrong.”

So you have a few options: you could try caffinated tea or other ways to get some caffeine in the morning to get going. That is one option. (Do not however, resort to caffeine pills or anything like that…that is not healthy, and I’m sure God wouldn’t want you to do something like that to your body).

You could just resort to giving up just soda (if that really is still a sacrifice for you). Or you could think of something else you could give up instead of the coffee…like maybe you could exchange coffee for chocolate. Or something else that makes sense for you.

Another option, is you could “do” something for your lenten sacrifice instead of giving up something. I tend to resort to this since I’ve had several health issues concerning food, so I’m already limited in what I can eat. So in general I give something…like I devote more time to prayer (say 10-15 min a day) or I go to daily mass more often. For example, this year since I know I need to be fair to my crazy schedule (as a pharmacy student and someone who works several hours a week), I told myself I’d double what I was already doing (at least 4 times a week).

So there are some thoughts :slight_smile: Good luck with your job!


Or maybe you are called to both the new job and yet live up to your Lenten sacrifice. Footprints is right. There is no sin in changing your sacrifice so long as you find another way to enter into the Lenten Season.


You can drink (hot) black or green tea (as drunk for around 4 thousand years in china) in lieu of coffee, its caffeine is around half, but it will help rather than resorting to pills.

I am english so drinking tea alternatively with coffee is more normal.

If you take coffee with milk, sugar then PG tips is a good brand to have milk and/or sugar with.


Pick a different Lenten exercise. Maybe try adding something, since you are getting up early, a chapter of Scripture and a decade of the Rosary with your morning cup of coffee.


You are not required never to change anything in your resolutions for Lent, but you may want to try without coffee. Many things are difficult only until you actually start doing them. Besides, as far as preventing sleepiness goes, coffee is overrated. Cold water is better in the long run, as attested by my acquaintances who had to serve five sleepless day cycles in tanks in the forest as a part of army service. My own experience as a coffee addict shows that tea is often better at keeping one awake and actually functional. If you’re seriously sleepy, coffee won’t help you and if you aren’t seriously sleepy, you can do without coffee. This said, there are other sources of caffeine, but don’t try to go around your resolutions by lawyering with them - I think it would be better to make a straightforward allowance than a shaky justification.

Perhaps there are other sacrifices which could help you keep your resolution? Perhaps going to bed a bit earlier and sacrificing whatever you would do during that time? Or adjusting your sleeping patterns to healthier figures?

I’m not saying you have to stand by your original resolution. I’m saying that it could be a good thing to do and it could give you a meaningful experience. Besides, if it hurts more, it’s worth more. Just don’t end up unable to perform your duties at work. :wink:


If you mean is it a sin to change your Lenten resolution, no it is not. I, for one, feel if you need the coffee, and you are getting up that early, just the soda should be fine.

Congratulations on your new job!


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