Lent question


Since Lent is a “dry” season, would it be correct to say it’s the season we most share in the Cross of Jesus Christ?


Hi, Depends where you live as to the season. Lots of rain here lately. And needed.:wink:


Lent is often seen in terms of Jesus going into the wilderness after His baptism. The wilderness near the Jordan River is a desert as I understand it and pretty dry. It was during Jesus’ time in the desert that prepared Himself to embark upon His ministry which of course led ultimately to the cross.

Lent is a time of journeying with Jesus. I have always thought of it as a time when Jesus invites us individually to go camping with Him in the desert. No frills, no comforts of home, no toys, just Jesus and you, alone in the desert. Think of it, a fourty day camping trip alone with Jesus! Of course, that trip lead you to the Cross, where you can die to self, BUT it ends on Easter when you rise with Christ to the newness of life.

I have heard that “lent” is latin for spring, which is generally pretty moist, but we are called to journey with Jesus in the desert which spiritually can be pretty dry.


Thank you very much for this information :slight_smile: God bless!


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