Lent Question

Ok, this may be a dumb question that has already been answered. What is a catholic supposed to do if they forget that it’s lenten friday and eat meat, but realize their mistake later in the day?

Honest forgetting…no sin. They do nothing…just do not eat meat as soon as they remember…

of course perhaps write a note to oneself for the next Friday :slight_smile:
:slight_smile: no worries!

See Jimmy Akin’s blog if you want a bunch of stuff on Lent.

Thanks!:thumbsup: I had bacon and eggs this morning and about an hour later I remembered that it was friday. I thought to myself, “Duh, it’s lent. NO MEAT!!” :doh2:

Ya my one friend of mine did something similar…

Remember one does not sin in this way by honest accident…so not worries…

of course if you remember in the middle of your egg…give the rest to the dog (I assume he is a animist or something) and have a bowl of cereal.

If you want to make up for it, why not abstain or fast on another day? You know, just to balance things out.

There is no sin in forgetting one’s obligation?

Is carelessness not ever a sin?

the same thing they would do if they realized they accidentally without intention broke some other Church discipline, such as missing Mass on a Holy Day. Rectify the mistake for the rest of the day. They might want to also fast, abstain, attend Mass or whatever on another day to help themselves remember, but they would not get into a spiritual tizzy about it. You cannot sin by forgetfulness or accident, sin requires intent and conscious free will choice.

Say an act of Contrition and don’t eat any more meat the rest of the day. Then take stepd to insure that next Friday it does not happen again. Like hanging a sardine from you car mirror. Just kidding;)

Carelessness isn’t a sin unless you set out to be careless. For example, if you said to yourself, “It’d be a great idea to drive down the road with my car doors hanging open!” and then you accidentally struck and killed someone with your car doors, that would be a culpable sort of careless.

It’s good to be rigorous with yourself; but we have no business being rigorous with others unless they’re under our spiritual direction, and we have no business declaring things to be sin that the Church looks upon leniently.

Knowing that we can forget makes us work harder to remember next time. It also reminds us that we are pretty darned weak creatures, and can’t do anything without God helping us. Hunger, weariness, forgetfulness… all reminders that humans aren’t Lord High Everythings.

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