Lent with Pope Benedict XVI

Here is a site you can book mark and use as Lent progresses:


also read some excerpts of Pope Benedict XVI’s Wed audience for today Ash Wed…here

(for the whole is not translated yet…the first link only has what he said in Eng. so make sure you read this last link)

Actually, Zenit will be posting the audience remarks in their entirety this evening. Go to:


and you will find them there, along with today’s rocking homily! :thumbsup:


in their translation…make sure you go back later to the above site for the Vatican translation

Unfortunately, the Vatican site does not tend to have the complete English translation of the full discourse that he gave at the audience. It only has the part where he addresses the faithful in English. :confused:

Actually it does…but in Roman time…that is some time later…like days or a week later :slight_smile:

You may not know this, but, a lot of the folks who write for Zenit work for Vatican Radio so they are pretty close to the source as far as translations and news are concerned.


but that is vatican radio…not the official translators

but still …go back and read the ones posted on the Vatican Website…

(I often read zenit first…but then go back later and read the official translation …about a week later depending…or sometimes i wait for the vatican one…)

(and of course like other things…one can benefit too from reading different translations)

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