I decided to give up a couple of my favorite snacks that I eat the most of at home, but there are still other snacks that I eat. There really isn’t much that I ‘can’t do without’ or addicted to, but I want to feel like I am giving up more of a sacrifice. I plan on praying the rosary every day, and just overall being a better person… and maybe find a place to donate to or do something good every Friday (even though I know we should already do that aside from lent). Is it a sin if I still eat things that I enjoy, or even go out here and there? Maybe it’s not particularly a sin, but may I ask for some things of what you all are doing for a sacrifice? And, can someone give me some short prayers that I can say throughout my day? Thank you!

As far as I know, during Lent, there is no obligation to avoid anything that gives you any degree of pleasure whatsoever. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t see a problem with having food that brings you some enjoyment and/or going out to eat, especially if --as you say --it’s not an addiction for you.

I find some of the best prayers to say throughout the day are the short, simple ones like St. Faustina’s “Jesus, I trust in you” or the centurion’s “I believe, help my unbelief” or Thomas’ “My Lord and my God.” Perhaps start the day with some Scripture reading and pick out a phrase that you can repeat over and over again throughout the day. Actually, that sounds like a good idea; I think that I’m going to do that. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: … Awhile ago, I actually found another short prayer on this forum that I say during the day sometimes… “O Holy Spirit sweet guest of my soul, abide in me and grant that I may ever abide in Thee”. I really liked this quote, but I wanted some others to get me through the day, especially if I’m becoming impatient or not being the nicest :blush:

Thank you for your response, that’s exactly what kind of short prayers I wanted. God Bless

Happy to help. I know what you mean. It’s nice to have some short prayers that come quickly to our heart, mind, and lips throughout the day. I like that Holy Spirit one. I’ll have to remember it. That reminds me of another one I often use which is simply “Come Holy Spirit.” Usually, I’m saying it over and over again before I head into a situation where I really need guidance! :o

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