Lenten Butter Lambs?


Growing up in a suburb of Buffalo, I have fond memories of going downtown to the Broadway Market as a child to get fresh Polish sausage and some other things for our Easter dinner. As a family of Polish descent, we always had a butter lamb on our Easter table, blessed by our priest. I wondered how many others do this, or is it a Polish thing in Polish areas?

The reason I ask, is that if it’s a pretty common Catholic thing, I may approach my pastor about selling them as a fundraiser for our parish. Thanks for all input.


I’ve had them before - but never had them blessed. They are nice on the table, but no one ever likes to be the first one to whack into it. :smiley:



Every grocery store around here carries them, never had them blessed though.


Same here. We even had some Christmas Tree shaped butter at the grocery store this past Christmas.

Brenda V.


We always had a butter lamb and blessed food on Easter. I think is is primarily Polish but could be common among other Slavic peoples as well. These ethnic rituals and customs are very important and it is a shame that these seem to be fading. Our family still follows a Polish custom on Christmas Eve in which blessed communion-like rectangles (not consecrated of course!) are passed around as family members offer special wishes for each for the coming year. I would not dream of trying to spell the name of this Polish custom.We also set an extra place in case someone were to knock on the door and need some food. It would nice if there were a forum on ethnic/national holiday customs.


Well… I’ve never seen them sold around here (never looked either), didn’t know of the tradition (never lived in a community where there was a strong Polish representation either), and have never had butter blessed by a priest… but if the tradition was explained to me (Can you explain it to me? :slight_smile: Why a lamb made of butter? ) and they were selling them in my parish I would probably buy one, especially if it was for a good cause.


We have tons of butter lambs in the Chicago area. Jewel, Dominick’s, Butera, even Woodman’s has them. THEY ARE MORE EXPENSIVE THAN THE SALE ON BUTTER BY THE POUND. They get blessed with the other food, if you have your Easter table food blessed. To do that, either the priest has a list of houses he visits and blesses the Easter food; or it gets lugged in baskets and containers to the parish church on Holy Saturday BEFORE the Easter Vigil and gets blessed.

After Easter, like Easter Monday, the butter lambs get marked down. By Easter Friday, they are marked WAY down.


Never heard of that.
But I do know a friend who is married to a Polish lady brings all the Easter breakfast food (eggs, butter, bread, mustard, …) to church on Holy Saturday to be blessed by the priest.
Our parish has a time set on Holy Saturday to bless food (sadly I have never gone)


Here in Maryland, we have butter lambs made by Keller’s. They do butter turkeys at Thanksgiving, too.



I wonder if my sister knows that. She lives in Damascus.


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