Lenten chats-How are we all doing?

Been fasting (no meals, period) 3 days a week while hitting the gym (HIIT and sport training) and all was going well…until about 10 minutes ago. Caloric deficit caught up and I had to grab a granola bar to keep from vomiting. Got me thinking about how everyone elses Lent is going as week 2 closes out?

I have been deathly sick this past week so I have already cheated on a few items I said I would give up.
I was able to do my required fasts on Ash Wednesday and last Friday and today.

My spiritual life is a mess though even though I am setting aside prayer time every evening I have been
through a challenging 2 weeks.

I got sick the first day of Advent and now I got sick the
3rd day of Lent. So I have missed Mass all week as well as Stations of the Cross and soup suppers. I missed out on all activities during Advent.

I don’t fast (age 63 and on medication that needs food) but I’ve avoided cookies, candies and cakes. I did have a pastry, but my plan was to give up cookies, cakes and candy…hope that’s not cheating.


I am doing well. Sort of like Convert3, but a bit different. :wink:

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In Bear’s world, the first rule of Lent Club is you do not talk about Lent Club :slight_smile:


I find it fascinating that that seems more difficult than fasting itself. :smile:

Its 0kay not great…

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