Lenten Fast Observations

For the last few months I’ve not had tv and had initially committed to reviewing the decision at the end of Lent. The only tv I see is if a patient I’m visiting has it on in their room. While initially I substitued a lot of internet time, I have done less of that and even less commenting on forums. An observation I have had is just how much negativity / wordliness there is on both tv and the internet.

The good news is spiritually speaking I feel much better not putting as much media into my soul!.

I was wondering if anyone had experience being away from social media and going back having a similar experience?

I went TV-less for 17 months (ending in November of 2012, to catch the Christmas movies first, and then see how I felt about watching Shows again).
I did, however, watch several Movies during that time (though mostly 3 versions of Bernadette, and St. Therese, and other Spiritual-themed movies).

When I began to get Cable again, I only had a few shows that I wished to see.
I did not have a Culture Shock when the TV came back to Life.
Part of this is because, I NEVER watch a show “Live” (even a couple of Football games) … I just DVR everything.
This way, I never need to see a commercial (and, Zoom past any scenes, or show segments that I don’t care to absorb into my Heart).

In the “OLD” days, I would record most of my regular “Shows” on tape, and then blast through the commercials.
The DVR (and the death of the VCR) has just made this much MORE Convenient to do so.

The Worst thing about television is the commercials, in my opinion ( I mean, excepting Porn and such).
So, I don’t know how it would be for a person who gave TV up, and came back to watch those same un-settling advertisements.

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