Lenten Fast


Hi All,

I have broken my Lenten fast (ie. what I gave up) on Sundays throughout Lent (which I understand is allowed). My question is this: When do we break our Lenten fast for good? Is today the last day of Lent so today would be the last day…or…do we continue our Lenten fast through Holy Saturday?



Since Good Friday is a penitential day - and a day of fast and abstinence anyway (and Holy Saturday up until the Vigil too, if possible), it makes most sense to keep your Lenten sacrifice going right up until Easter.


True…I guess I was hoping for a different answer…lol :blush::wink:


C’mon it’s just two extra days, you can do it easy!


You are only required to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Fasting at any other time is voluntary and so is not a sin if you break a fast outside these two days.


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